Interview With Actress Milli Wilkinson, “Date With Love”

By Ruth on June 8, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

When it comes to child actors, there is no doubt in my mind that the Hallmark network continuously finds and employs the best, the brightest, and the most talented young actors in the industry.  Just last month, as I was watching Date With Love, I was drawn to the actress who played the part of the audacious and cheeky Devyn. Upon further research, I discovered I had seen her other Hallmark features as well, but I just didn’t realize it. I was thrilled when I was finally able to catch up with Milli Wilkinson and ask her some questions about her various works as well as her extraordinary journey in this world of entertainment.

RH: Why did you choose to become an actress? How long have you been acting?

MW: I have been acting for six years.  My mom put me in some acting classes, and at the end of that first session, the coach invited her agent to come and see a show we were doing.  The agent asked to meet me and my mom, and it went from there.  I am so glad it happened that way because I really love acting.

Tell us about your first role and that experience. 

My very first role was a viral video commercial for a movie that was about to be released.  It was at a park, and I was on a swing set with my “dad” pushing me, and my “mom” was meant to be taking a video.  It never seemed to get released though, as I have not ever seen it.


With Rachel Boston from Ice Sculpture Christmas

You have appeared in three Hallmark films. What do you like about working for the Hallmark brand?

Oh my gosh, I love working with Hallmark.  They are like a family, even though every cast and crew is usually different.  For Family for Christmas and Ice Sculpture Christmas, it was almost the same crew, so that was really like working with family!


With Amanda Tapping and Lacey Chabert from Family For Christmas

What was it like filming Family For Christmas and working with a legend like Lacey Chabert? 

Lacey is the nicest and kindest person ever.  I had my birthday during the filming of Family for Christmas and, even though I wasn’t shooting on my birthday, Lacey bought me cupcakes and brought them to my trailer as a surprise.

Speaking of your most current project Date With Love, how did you get the role of Devyn? How did you develop her character?

For Devyn, I auditioned for Ron Oliver (the director) and was booked from that.  Devyn was quite sassy, which was different from my other Hallmark roles.  I really had fun playing this character.


With Andrea Brooks from Date With Love

Were there any memorable moments during the filming of Date With Love?

There were so many fun times on this shoot.  One of them was that on my last day of shooting, I had wrapped and was saying goodbye to Bailee (Madison).  Since she was not due to be on set for a little bit, we sneaked away and had ice cream together.  That was super fun and memorable.

What was it like working with Bailee Madison, Andrew Walker, Andrea Brooks, etc.?

They were all amazing, although I never got to meet Andrew Walker, even though we were on the same movie!  I love meeting new people, and it is even better when they are as awesome as everyone on Date with Love.

How do you balance your schooling with your acting career?

I go to regular school and manage to keep up really well.  There are times on longer shoots that I take work to set with me and do it during breaks or when waiting.  My friends are used to me coming and going, so  I don’t have too much problem keeping up like that.  All my teachers are great at helping me when I need it too.

Do you have any other upcoming works you can mention?

I have a recurring role on a new series called Shut Eye, which premieres at the end of August, although my character does not come in immediately.  There is also an indie I am shooting at the end of August which is anticipated to be doing the festival circuits later in the year or in 2017.


With Victoria Smurfit from Once Upon a Time

You have also gotten to work on some popular shows–Once Upon a Time, Legends of Tomorrow, and more. How is it different guest starring on a show like that compared to being on a film?

When I am only on a show for one episode, it is a little different, as lots of the actors have already been working together, so I am the new person.  However, it has always been amazing meeting all these people, and everyone is nice.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I really like yoga, bike riding, hanging out with my family and friends and shopping!

In a business where young people often get involved in things that are questionable at best, how do you keep yourself grounded?

My family is amazing and make sure that I am an average twelve-year-old, who sometimes goes and does cool things like be on shows.  My mom is always with me on set, so I know that if there is ever anything I need, I just go to her.  Because I started so young, this is just what I am used to.

What would you consider your dream role and/or a dream person to work with?

I have worked with so many amazing people that I am not sure there is just one I could name.  If I really had to name one, maybe it would be Julia Roberts, but I really just love the opportunity I get to work on set like I do.

Yet again, I believe that the future is in safe hands with young ladies like Milli in the business. Not only is she remarkably talented and versatile, but she, along with the help of her devoted mother, has not permitted success to change the person she inherently is. There is no doubt in my mind that as Milli perseveres in the honing of her skills and adds more credits to her repertoire, she will continue to be a sought-after actress with a wide range of acting abilities who easily relates to others and is fully committed to her craft. Don’t forget to follow this young starlet, lest you miss any of the steps along her exciting journey to fully accomplish her dreams.

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    So interesting and inspiring…thanks so much for sharing!

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      Well, Chantelle, thank you for reading it!!

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    Oh, she seems very sweet and down to earth. Loved the read!

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      Thank you Brenda. Indeed she is.

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