Interview With Actor Marshall R. Teague, Part Two

By Ruth on June 2, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

Did you read Part One? Included below, you will be reading what was previously unrealeased. Trust me, you are in for a treat here as Marshall talked about more than I would have ever dreamed.

FullSizeRender (1)RH: There was another question that came in.

MT: Ask me whatever you want to.

Since you are a devoted foodie, what is your favorite food?

(whistle) Wow! Tonight was my favorite food because it was dinner!

And we both laughed on that one–okay that was a really good line!

I have so many favorites–I love soups. I always have. I like soups and stews. My beloved wife will ask me what I want for lunch, and I say, “Stew.” What do you want for dinner? “Stew would be fine.” It’s one of those things. I do like to cook. Subsequently, when it comes up, my wife will say, “I want blah-blah blah.” And I’ll go, “Okay.” I can’t really say I have a favorite food because I try to enjoy everything I eat. I don’t constantly pig out. People seem to think that I do because I am a foodie–and I make no bones about it–I am a foodie. I accept the responsibility of being a foodie. And we’ll put up pictures of different things we’ve cooked or are having or whatever. But we look at that as a treat. Now, if you were to ask us what we eat during the course of the day, we usually have a protein smoothie for lunch. A piece of toast with peanut butter in the morning with a cup of coffee. I’m a coffee nut.

I think I picked up on that.

You know, I just love coffee. Depending on what coast we’re on, we try to eat about the same time–about 5:30 in the evening– in order for the food to digest before sack time. But I don’t think you ought to cheat yourself out of anything. You know, I hear people say, “I can’t eat that because I’m on a diet.” To hell with that. You don’t have to eat it all. Have a bite. Enjoy it. Live a little bit, man. Tomorrow you may not be here, and then you’re going to kick yourself in the butt.  You’re going to be sitting up there saying, “Gosh, if I had only had that, you know.” I don’t believe in cheating myself out of anything. But I do believe if you’re going to have it, have it in moderation. And be smart about it. There are things I don’t eat because I try to eat pretty clean. But there’s no way I’m going to cheat myself out of a good meal because my wife and I sit here, and we both cook. All the stews and soups, she makes. I don’t do it. It’s not that I can’t. It’s just that she does it so well, why should I? Now, when it comes to sauces and pastas and things like that, that’s my thing. Or fish, that’s my thing. It’s whatever floats our boat for the day. And a glass of wine. I love sitting on the porch with my wife. People will look at us and say, “Look at those two people. They’re just sitting there not doing anything.” But they’re not around us all day long. We’re bustin’ our humps. We sit down with each other, and we’ve been holding hands since the day we met. We always hold hands. And we’ll have a glass of wine. And watch the hummingbirds, depending on where we are. We’ll sit there and watch the birds. I know that sounds really Hollywoodish doesn’t it?  But it makes us happy.

I was actually going to ask you–

Ask me. I love it when someone says “I’m leading into this.” Okay, then lead into it.

How is it that in this world of entertainment, where you have people who are getting divorced almost faster than they get married,that you stay grounded and positive? I was thinking, it’s amazing that you guys have been married as long as you have.

Yeah, we just celebrated our 18th anniversary. We’ve been together for 22 years.

Wow, you don’t hear that normally any more. But especially in the world of entertainment, you just don’t. Whether they’re big-time actors or small-time actors, it doesn’t make any difference. Whatever the case is.

Lindy and Marshall

Lindy and Marshall

I can answer that question very easily. I love my wife. Let me tell you something about my wife. My wife, Lindy, she is stunning. In my view, she’s the most beautiful woman in the world. But she said early on, “I’m not going to marry a guy in the military. I’m not going to marry a cop. And I’m not going to marry an actor.” And she ended up with all three of them. She’s a lovely, lovely person, but she’s tough as a pine knot. And that’s one thing I respect about her a lot. She will stand her ground with a circle saw if she thinks she’s right and it’s her conviction or her belief. And she does her homework, too. She’s not one of these women who jumps off into something just because someone said it was chic or the thing to do. She doesn’t do that. She reads up on it. She studies it like a book. Can I say that every day about marriage is a rose garden? Hell no! It’s not. It’s tough. It takes a lot of work. By the same token, I feel like I married the person I was supposed to marry. I can’t even imagine–I could not even fathom–the thought… First of all, of ever cheating on my wife. Have I probably told a lie every once in a while? Yes. Probably have, but not too much. Because we’re pretty honest with each other. She has no problem telling me exactly what she thinks. But there is a mutual respect that is given–except when it comes to decorating. I have no taste, and she has reminded me of that on several occasions. I tell her, “I think I’d like this color right here.” And she says, “Well, you’re wrong. It’s going to be this color.” (laughter) And she’s right. And when it comes down to it, I like what she picked out. She’s just that person. It’s very easy for people to give up. I may have even thought about it myself one time or another. But when I see the person I’m married to and share things with and do things with and go places with or just sit and have a glass of wine with, I can’t imagine it being any other way. And I sure as heck can’t imagine being with any other person.

When I was younger, I thought about it–”I’m going to marry this,” or “I want to marry that.” My wife and I met on a blind date. We were meeting for the first time at the Magic Castle. A friend of mine, who had worked with my wife on another movie, had mentioned me to her, “I have this guy who’s a friend of mine, and he’s going to be meeting us here.” She had her girlfriend in town and we were to meet at the Magic Castle. And we’d enjoy the show and whatever. I pulled up behind–there was this lady on the hill–I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the Magic Castle. Well, it sits on this hill, and the driveway up to it is like a 45-degree angle. There was this blue-haired lady in a Cadillac sitting in front of my wife’s car. And this lady obviously couldn’t maneuver up this hill. My wife was driving this little car that looked like an inline skate. And I was driving a K-5 Blazer with one of those bumpers on the front of it that you don’t want to hit. And I noticed that little tiny car. And I noticed these two little tiny heads in this little tiny car, and I could tell that they were having a very hard time trying to get around the Cadillac and up the hill. And I figured it was a manual shift. So I figured I’d go down and help ‘em. So I went up and parked my truck, saw my buddy at the door, handed him my jacket–and he had asked me earlier if I owned a tie. And I said “No.” He said, “Can you get a tie?” Yeah. And do you have a jacket? Yeah. Good, get your jacket, throw on a pair of pants, find a tie, meet me at the Magic Castle. So I handed him the jacket and went back down the hill.   I opened the door to this little, inline skate, and there was this beautiful lady in there.  But all I did was open the door and held out my hand and I said, “Ma’am, may I help you?” She thought, “Well, let me play with this guy a little bit.” So she pulled up her dress just a little bit above her knees–I saw a little bit of a flash–to see if she would get a reaction. And she didn’t get one. I held out my hand and helped her out and said, “I’ll take it to the top.” Well, out of the goodness of her heart, she handed me a dollar. So I’m sitting there going “Well, all right.” I took the car up, parked it. And when I came back, and she was standing there with my buddy, telling him the story, “Yeah there was this jerk in this big black truck behind me and he wouldn’t back up, and the lady in front of me couldn’t move the Cadillac. Thank God the valet came down and helped me get my car.” And he said, “That was you?” And I said, “What?” He said, “That was you who came and got her car?” Yeah. “Well that’s my buddy.” And I came back up and had the dollar in my hand, holding it up as I walked up. I got my jacket and I said, “Thank you. “ I’ve still got the dollar, by the way. I’ve never been out with anybody since.

Well, that’s pretty phenomenal.

Hope that didn’t bore you too much.

No, no trust me, I’m not bored. You have not bored me at all.

(laughing) Good.

You are not boring at all. That would not be a term I’d use to describe you. But I love hearing stories. Even from the time I was very small, my grandpa told me stories. And he wasn’t always the most entertaining. He was very slow in the way he told stories, but I always enjoyed them. I was always fascinated.

It’s called life.

Yes, something that today’s kids don’t always seem to pay attention to.

Unfortunately, over the years, they have been handed what I have called–because they were more expensive at the time–they were handed a 2500 dollar nanny and told to entertain themselves. Subsequently, they lost the ability to communicate verbally  They’ll sit across the room–twelve feet apart–and text each other. Instead of walking over and facing each other and communicating. It’s the one thing that really bothers me. It’s like they’ve lost the ability to interact.  I think it causes problems.

My daughter is twelve . She’s very much into the electronics, but thankfully she still knows how to have conversations.

That’s terrific. Emphasize and help her never lose that ability.

She is one that likes to be busy all the time. She doesn’t have a lot of people her own age in the family to talk to. But she does have a family she goes to quite regularly that has a girl her age, and so they get together a lot.

That’s good. Can you imagine going on a date and never carrying on a conversation and sit there and text?

I can think of many of my students who would.

I mean I cannot think of anything that’s scarier to me than sitting down and not talking to the person and sending them notes. “OMG. “ And they’re going, “Wow, that was really stimulating.”

I love social media.

I’ve got to touch on this.

Go for it.

I fought it tooth and nail.  Getting on Facebook and Twitter. I fought it tooth and nail! “I don’t want to do this! It’s none of their business!”  Just being an old curmudgeon, you know? Then it happened. You carry on conversations with people next door to the next country. And it opens up a whole new avenue of people that you get to know. You may not ever meet them. But because you talked to them–you know, we get a lot of response from people because they can’t believe they’re talking to me. Kind of like, “Wel,l of course you’re talking to me.” It blows them away. They think they are talking to some management group. Now my management group is into electronics, but they have a really neat name. The name of my management group is Bohemia.  And these are some people, when you get down to conversation, they definitely want to talk, understand, communicate, and work for you and move you into different avenues. And this is great for me because it’s been awhile since I’ve been attached to a group like them. When I got with them, my spirit just went through the roof because of the way they look at things.  The way they go about doing their business. Not stuffy, not “greater than thou, “ you know, that kind of garbage. You know just bare facts.  But at the same time, they’ll bust your chops and have fun doing it. Which I appreciate. I like that.

I was one who fought social media, too. I was only on Facebook to reconnect with old friends. And I was dead set against joining Twitter.

Oh, you and me both.

The only reason I joined Twitter was because I am a blogger, and that is a fast way to get the word out.  It was only a couple of years ago that I started using Twitter to meet people.

That’s the same way it is with my wife and me. My wife, Lindy, she started talking to people about it. Neither one of us really wanted to get involved with it. Basically, I’m a pretty private person. I love people–don’t get me wrong–but I’m kind of a private person. I’ve always been a private person. But she started working on me. It took about, I don’t know, probably a year. At first it was just–No. Honey can I talk to you about–No. And that was it. Because she had met with people who knew how to do it and understood and were good educators and understand how you treat people. How to go about and do it in a classy way. Make people feel welcome. She finally wore me down, and that’s how we got on it. We’ve been doing it ever since. People like yourself and your friend Lisa {Flegal }–talking to you guys like that–it really opened up a whole new world for us. In which I cannot–and I mean this sincerely–thank you enough. And I truly mean that. It’s people like the two of you and many others who have actually gone out and fought the fight for us in a lot of things we can’t do for ourselves. In our business, they don’t want to know it’s you saying it. They say, “Well, that’s fine. You want this.” But when people start sending in messages to studios and networks saying, “Hey! Wake up and smell the roses! You might want to think about this person for that.” Well, they read it. If people out there don’t understand that you and I having this conversation and just doing the interview means the world. Glad to do it! Thrilled to do it! Why? Because I get to talk to people that we’ve communicated on Facebook and Twitter and that kind of stuff. And I get to talk to ‘em. That makes it even cooler.

Speaking of people you “meet” on social media…



lisaLisa Flegal, Friend


“I’ve learned very quickly that sometimes the people who play the biggest, toughest bad guys are the nicest. Marshall is one of those people. I was a little nervous at first. I mean I’ve watched him on every episode of Walker, Texas RangerRoad House, and so many more. I realized he is such an amazing and kind man. He really cares. I tease him relentlessly that I’d love to hear all the stories he has to tell. I treasure the stories he has shared with me. People always ask who you would invite for dinner…and my thought would be to have him at a dinner. Or just cook with him.  I’m so lucky and blessed to call him my friend.”



I agree with you. I’m always telling people about the actors who actually appreciate their fans and interact with them. Something I have been really impressed with you about–and I honestly do not know how you do it–you make a point to respond to everybody.

I have to say I have a great support system.  My wife helps me because there’s times when I’m trying to figure out the right thing to say, and I’ll look over at Lindy and she’ll say, “Okay, you’re not in the military any more. You’re not a cop.” I’ll want to write “blah, blah, blah.” And she’ll say, “No, you can’t do that.” And I say, “Why can’t I?”  Because you can’t do it. All right. What can I do? So it’s two people working towards the same thing. And it’s really important to communicate with them as much as I possibly can.   I try to do a good job that way. I hope I do. Because the people are important.

And to illustrate…



Dava Desjarlais, friend


I first met Marshall in January 2013. The main thing I remember was how welcoming he was when I went up to his table to look at all his pictures. I mentioned I was was friends with Bruce Boxleitner and how I loved him in everything he has done. He thanked me for stopping by and was very kind. 

I remember that once I got home, he started following me on Twitter when he saw Bruce was also following me. I started ‘Teague Tuesday’ at some point, and he has thanked me numerous times, telling me how much he appreciated that.  I commented on one of his Facebook posts, and he called me ‘Sweet Dava.’ He always thanks me when I tweet him and usually adds the prayer emoji.”


Well from what I’ve seen, you do a really good job, Marshall. I’ve connected with enough actors to know that not all of them are quite as responsive as you are.

I’ll give you an example of someone who I think does a really good job. And I’ve never met the man. I like his work because I know his background. I know where he came from, and I know it was tough for him. Dwayne Johnson. Does he answer every single one of them? No he doesn’t, but what he does do is he reaches out and touches the masses. And he does it in a fun way. He knows where he came from, and he doesn’t forget that. He doesn’t forget where he came from and the fact that he’s blessed–as we all are–to be able to have a job that we love.

I wish I was working every day or at least five days a week. All actors go through dry seasons. And it happens. I mean, I have shows in the works right now. They are waiting on getting their financing.  I’ve got AmeriGEDDON out now. And I’ve got another one that is coming out this year called Road to the Well. A pretty dark murder mystery, but it was shot by a new director, a new writer–Jon Cvack. It was great! Now, I’m not a vegan. I’m a carnivore. My eyes are right in front of my head. But by the same token, food is good. I was the only non-vegan on this entire cast. It was not a big crew. But there were 37 vegans. And then there was me. And it was a hoot. At meal time, there were people talking about the turnips and things like that, and I’m sitting there watching them having the greatest time in the world. The food was terrific. But to hear them talk about a turnip or a yam the way I would talk about a pork chop or steak. They were talking about the texture and the flavor, and I’m sitting there thinking, “Where was the fork in the road?” They were all as giving and as lovely as could be. And they knew I was a meat eater. And they busted my hump every day. Every once in a while, this lady–I think she was the script lady–and she would pick up a fork and go, “Mm-mm-mm. How do you like this sushi, Marshall?” Every one of them got on me every day–it was a gas.  I had an absolute ball with them. How could you not?  Vegans really do prepare some good food. The cook wasn’t a vegan either, but he could prepare this food, and it was outstanding. He was an ex-former Royal Marine, and came over here and decided he was going to open up a catering company.  And he was a heck of a guy. Every once in awhile he’d say, “‘Ay mate, I got your turkey sandwich sitting over in the corner.” So I’d go over and get my turkey sandwich and hide out in the back and eat it.  You couldn’t help but smile.



Anna Bowen, script supervisor and friend


“I was lucky enough to get a chance to work with Marshall on a feature almost two years ago called Road to the Well. Working with Marshall was such a pleasure because he is so phenomenally talented–a true professional at his craft. From a script supervisor’s point of view, he was awesome to work with, as I never had to watch his continuity, as he always remembered exactly what he had done. Watching his performances always blew me away. He is also one of the sweetest, kindest, funniest people I have met. I loved the time I got to spend with him after filming, as the whole cast and crew were staying at a cabin together.  So most mornings, after we wrapped night shoots, we would sit and talk, and I loved talking to Marshall and listening to his amazing stories! He had some really great stories to tell 🙂 I hope I get the chance to work with Marshall again in the future as he is definitely one of my most favorite people to work with and to know. I am blessed to know him.”


My oldest, dearest friend in Los Angeles is a cancer survivor. She went into eating really healthy, vegetarian foods. She got me off on quinoa. I’ll eat a bowl of that stuff. You could make brownies out of it. You can do all kinds of stuff. Stir fry vegetables into it, and I’m a happy camper. As long as you give me a little piece of meat with it.

I mentioned my daughter’s sometimes picky eating habits.

Well, you know what? It’s funny you should say that. I have a cousin, and he’s about as country as grits.  He was great about taking young people in the mountains, teaching them how to fish, camp and that kind of stuff. He would take different kids up there, and every once in awhile, he would get one that comes from a family where the child had buffaloed the family with, “I want this. I’m not going to eat that. Fix me what I want.”   He had the most gentle way of dealing with that. “You know, that’s all right. You don’t have to worry about a thing. You don’t have to eat any of that. Just understand that that’s all there is. If you get hungry, there will be some leftovers.”  And you’d be surprised how many times they would give in and eat everything. We all need a good teacher in our lives.

Anna Bowen told me how many times you’ve been killed on set–

106.  Over the years, people have tracked it down. I’m serious. I was doing an episode of Walker surprisingly enough, and it was my one hundredth death.  And they had a T-shirt made up with 100 on it. And then they had this squid set where I was being shot up with a machine gun. Well, guess what it looked like–100.  People got on board with it, and it has kind of ballooned. In Hollywood, as an actor, I’ve been killed more than anybody else. I don’t know how true that is. But that’s what I’ve been told.  I’ve had people call me up and say, “Marshall, you got the role. Yeah, we love ya. You know that because we worked together here, here, and here. Now we are going to kill ya.” That’s how the conversation would go. “We’re going to kill ya. We just want you to know. We love ya. We love whatcha do. We love the energy you bring, but we are going to kill ya.” And I say, “Okay, fine. I got it. But make sure it’s violent. Make it interesting.”  I’ve done shows where I wasn’t on it all that long, but most of my deaths are usually pretty violent. John Ritter killed me one time. John Ritter  of Three’s Company. He pushed me over the bannister and impaled me on a statue. John Ritter. One of the sweetest guys in the whole world. Not many people can sit there and say, “Hell, I was killed by John Ritter.” One of the sweetest people you’ve met in your life. I got my teeth knocked out by the lady who played Simon & Simon’s mother {Mary Carver}. They did a Simon & Simon reunion, and she grabbed a flashlight and busted my teeth out. Everybody’s got to get their shot at me. “Okay, fine. Who’s doing me this time?!”

It’s like the joke we always have about Rick’s characters that he’s always a bad guy.  Not always a bad guy.

Come on now, Monte Walsh, he wasn’t a bad guy.

I was going to say that–

Come on, he was Sugar!

I know but in most of his roles, he is a bad guy.  And sometimes he’s a really bad guy.

Yeah, there is that.

For awhile they were saying they were going to go bet in Las Vegas about whether Rick was going to die or end up in jail.

Marshall Teague in Roadhouse

Marshall Teague in Road House

Many years ago, my mother asked me, “Do you ever live?” And I said, “No, not really.” When I did Road House, I asked my mother to not go see it because I thought it was a little racy and a little tough at the time.  I said, “Yeah, Mom, I finished the movie, and I’m very proud of it. But why don’t you wait a little bit, and then  go see it? It’s kind of a tough movie.” So what does she do?   Forget it. She and twenty of her little girlfriends go to Knoxville, Tennessee, which was about sixty miles away from my hometown. And they go across the street to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal (I think that is what it was called at the time. ) They get their little bag and burgers and go over to the theater and go in and sit down. And of course Marshall has the classic line about what I used to do to guys like you in prison, and right in the middle of the theater, one of my mother’s friends points at my mom and says, “That’s Doris Teague’s son!” Of course, my mother just slid under the seat . I called her up when it was over with because my brother Tyler, I think, had told me that Mother went to see Road House. And I went, “Oh man.” So I called her up and I said, “Hi, Mom. So I understand you went to see Road House. What did you think?” You could hear the crickets in the background chirping. And then she goes, “Well–” And I knew it was coming. She said, “Personally I’m glad they killed you because you were prick, and my son wouldn’t do that.” That was her answer.

Well, I think we’ve more than covered all these questions that I had for you.

I’ve enjoyed it.

For me, interviewing should be a conversation, I think. But not everyone views the interview process that way.’

And I understand why. In so many cases, there are actors  that people are purposely going out to set up. And so subsequently, they are gun shy. Especially when you’re doing movie junkets and things like that.  There are people who will sit out there and really try to go out of their way to get your goat or get a rile out of you. I’ve had ‘em try it on me. And one guy just started breaking  me up with laughter . I don’t know what tangent he was going off on–I don’t really care. I just looked at him for a moment and then next thing you know I started laughing. And I fell down on the floor and started laughing. And he was looking at me like, “What in the heck?” And I got up and looked at him and I was still laughing. And I said, “Seriously? Is the that best you can do? Come on. Grow up. Ask me a real question. Ask me a big boy question.”.

I often get bored reading interviews where the same generic questions are asked over and over again.

Interesting you should say that. I can’t really talk on the subject of the interview, but I recently did an interview with TMZTMZ has a reputation for being pretty tough. I got to tell you I had the best time with those guys. One of the guys was a major Road House fan. And we got off into that. And the next thing I know, we were having a lovefest right there. And after it was over, it was like, “We so enjoyed the conversation and the interview and the whole nine yards.”  And I said, “Me, too, man.” We got off and they said, “You interviewed with TMZ?” Yeah. They didn’t try to do any–No. I said, “If you allow it, they will. If you don’t allow it, and you handle it with a little class, there’s no place for them to go.” My experience was wonderful.

It seems that Marshall tends to make a memorable impression on people…



Heather Place, actress and friend (and more)

heather and marshall

” I met Marshall on my first film ‘gig’ as an 18-year-old Freshman Drama major at UGA. I met him my first day on the set of Breaking Away, a television series that was being shot on location on campus. I was cast as a ‘sorority girl,’ and even though Marshall was playing the ‘bad fraternity boy/football player,’ he was very kind to me. In fact, I could tell he was actually the quintessential ‘good guy’!

Over 30 years later, and through an interesting Road House connection–one of Marshall’s fellow actors in the film, John William Young, is a good friend of one of my producing partners on Second Wind, Kim Sheroff.  Kim mentioned John for a role, and I immediately thought of Marshall for a role!  We reconnected, and Marshall has graciously agreed to play ‘Dr. Price’ in the film.  I’m playing ‘Nurse Patti,’ so we’ll have some great scenes together. A true feeling of coming full circle for me!”

So is there anything else you’d like to ask me? As I said, feel free.

Um, let’s see. If there’s anything I missed here.

Anything you just want to ask?  Not something you missed, but something you just want to ask.

At this point, I knew exactly what I wanted to ask. But I knew that if I delved into issues of faith, I might meet a roadblock. Remember, I don’t want to assume, and I don’t want to offend.

When you were filming with Anna, she told me you were very good about going to her and letting her know when you were going to change certain words in the script, since you don’t use the Lord’s name in vain. That impressed me and also intrigued me.

In all seriousness, I was not nearly that polished and stumbled over my words. I really don’t “beat around the bush well.”

Last Ounce of Courage

Last Ounce of Courage

I have no problem telling people I’m a Christian. If they have written a line that uses the Lord’s name in vain, I won’t say it. They say, “You have to say it because it’s written that way.” I say, “No, I don’t have to do anything except die and pay taxes. If you’ve got to use this terminology to get the energy that you’re looking for, let me bring the energy you haven’t seen. And I’ll do it without saying it. But I’m not gonna say it.” So that was the end of that argument. And I bet she probably told you that, too. You are more than welcome to ask me, and I am more than willing to sit there and say I’m a Christian. I have no problem with that. I don’t really care if anybody likes it or they don’t like it. I don’t knock anyone’s religion. As a matter of fact, in the movie Last Ounce of Courage, I made it a point in that movie to mention all religions. To say you have the right. Just don’t step on my right. Practice what I believe. That is exactly the way I feel. Have I slipped in movies, and have I said some words? Yeah, we all have slipped. I never was born a saint. I’m not looking for sainthood. I just want at the end of the day, when all is said and done, somebody might say, “He was an all right guy.” If someone asks, “What do you want on your headstone when your days on this earth are done?” Well, I want a stone put up that says, “Marshall Teague, loved his wife, kept his word.” That’s it. It’s all I want on the stone. And I mean ‘em both. That’s really how I want to leave this earth. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not in any hurry. That’s the way I feel about it. Was I always that way? No. there was a time in my life–and I think all of us have a time in our lives where we’re not sure of ourselves or not willing to say or don’t want to go there or pissed off at the world or whatever you want to say however you want to say it. But when it comes right down to it, if someone said you have to denounce your beliefs, I’d say you have a better chance of getting Niagara Falls to run backwards. And that’s not going to happen. Does that pretty much answer the question?

Oh yes, that definitely answers the question. For me, it’s always nice to find that because there have been a few actors who I have discovered that they are Christians, and it’s nice to have that connection.  First of all, it’s not easy to find Christians in the entertainment world . And second, it’s not easy to find those who will admit that they are.

Well, you met one who’ll tell anybody. I realize that there are enough times that I shouldn’t even be here on this earth. And for whatever reason, it was not my time. The circumstances were certainly there to make sure I wasn’t going to make it. But I’m here. I’m still here. I just look up and make it a point every day to say, “Thank You.” I thank Him for a lot of things. I thank Him and ask Him to watch over our young men and women in uniform who serve in the military. All military, all uniforms and for this country. And men and women. And our allies that stand beside us. And I always say past and present. Both sides. Because all the people here that enjoy what they have every single solitary day in this country and in a lot of other countries can enjoy that because of the people who put themselves above something else. They’ve seen the bigger picture. And they’ve stepped up to do that. For those people, and I make sure that they’re covered every day, this house is covered, my wife is covered, friends and family–it’s just something that is as much of a part of me. And you know, I pray in restaurants. And I’ve never had anybody come over to me and say, “You offended me.” Because I really don’t care. If I have offended you, you need to get up and leave then.  Because I’m not done yet. Whatever people say out there, it really doesn’t matter that much to me. What matters to me is what I feel and what I believe. And I’ll take that to my grave. About as sincere as I can be.

I had moved from relief to struggling to keep my emotions in check.

That makes my connection to you a little bit stronger.

Thank you.

That’s a nice thing for me.

It’s a nice thing for me, too.

This was a record interview. About an hour and forty five minutes so far. It was nice of you to give that much time.

Oh, it was my pleasure. Believe me.

You spoke from your heart, Marshall, and I feel like I got to know you a little bit more. As much as I respected you before, my respect has continued to go up.

Why on earth we both laughed at that point, I have no idea.

That’s nice. It’s really all you can ask for. Make a connection. Everybody walk away with a smile.

Oh I’ll definitely be walking away with a smile, and honestly I feel very touched as well.

I’m honored that you would say that. The next time you talk to Rick, tell him that the next time he backs his horse into me–

I will have to mention that to him.

It was so much fun. He backed his horse into me, and I couldn’t figure out how to get the horse out of it. So what I did is I just stood the horse up, turned him around, and set his foot down the other side. And we rode and lassoed a train. And of course Tom Selleck and the director and everybody they all were bustin’ my chops because they filmed it and caught it cool on film and they were all settin’ there saying there’s no way it’s going to make it on the screen. We can’t put that on the screen. There’s no way I can let you have that on the screen. Did they put it on the screen? You’d better believe it. I have Rick to thank for that, you know. Another story about Rick real quick. He did a movie called The Cave, and he was playing a character, and he called me up and we were talking and I said, “What’s your character? What are you playing?” And he said, “I’m playing you.” I said, “You go get ‘em dude.” I’m just playing you. One of the nicest things that anybody could ever say. We have a mutual friend, and he’s just a great guy. When you talk to your parents, please give them my best.

I certainly will.

See AMERIGeddon. Ask yourself a question. And if you get a chance, I think you can get Last Ounce of Courage on Netflix or Amazon. When you watch it, bring a box of Kleenex.

If you’re telling me that, then I know I definitely will.

And after you watch it, let me know what you think. Ruth, you’ve been a doll and a wonderful person to talk to.  I’ve enjoyed it immensely.

Marshall, I’ve enjoyed talking with you too.

So how on earth do I even begin to comment on this amazing interview? This man is a rare breed, and I doubt we’ll ever see his like again on this earth. He has a way of touching everyone he comes in contact with, and you cannot hope but be changed after spending time in his company. There may be those who dismiss his quiet, gentle, humble ways, but never doubt his passion for doing the right thing and living what he believes to the best of his ability every day of his life. 

I think I’ll close with the following. Whenever I come into contact with a “famous” person such as Marshall who is a Christian (and I mean REALLY a Christian, not just name only), I always think to myself, “Now, it would be wonderful to meet this person some day.” Isn’t that always the dream one has with actors and such? However, in Marshall’s case, because of his faith, I add the following. It’s okay if I don’t meet him in this lifetime. You know why? Well, since we are both Christians, we’re going to spend eternity together, so it’s okay if I don’t meet him on this earth. So maybe that sounds like a peculiar thing to say, but on more than one occasion, I remind myself of that when it comes to special people in my life who share my faith whom I have not had the blessing of meeting as of yet. So, Marshall, should we not meet on this earth, I promise you’ll be one of the first residents I’ll look up in heaven! (But as you mentioned in your interview, no, I’m not in a hurry to leave this earth either!!)


Be sure that you check out the following links below to follow Marshall on social media, and also check out his new film AmeriGEDDON, as I understand more cities are being added as of June 3rd!








Oh, and in case you didn’t read Part One.



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