Interview with Rhys Matthew Bond of “Good Witch”

By Ruth on May 21, 2016 in Interview, movie, television

If you’re an avid Good Witch fan, or if you loved Ties the Bind, you are probably quite familiar with the young man who portrays Nick Radford and breathed life into Cameron Olson. At almost eighteen years of age, he has had the good fortune to play some stellar roles, work with some gifted actors, and interact with fantastic fans. In spite of his hectic schedule, Rhys was kind enough to recently take some time  to discuss his experience in these roles as well as within the industry as a whole.

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What inspired you to become an actor. What kind of training have you had for acting?
As I was growing up in England, I started doing theatre in school.  When I moved to Canada, I became more interested in film and television. I attended a fine arts school and majored in Drama. Also, outside of school, I took part in various acting classes.
How did you first get involved with Good Witch?
I auditioned for Good Witch for the role of Nick, and I got the part.
What is the atmosphere like on the set? 
On the Good Witch set, we enjoy  a great atmosphere. It’s  always fun with plenty of laughter and awesome chemistry.
What can we look forward to from Nick in season two? 
Nick is definitely maturing in season two. He is much happier and seems to have adjusted to life in Middleton.
Speaking of the fans, what has been your experience with fan feedback from Good Witch?
The fans are amazing, and their love and support is utterly humbling.
What do like about working for the Hallmark brand?
I think what I like most about Hallmark is that it feels like family, and I think that’s great.
You also were a part of the cast for Ties That Bind, which was cancelled after the first season. What was your experience with that show? Fans hope it will eventually reappear on another network, a web series, or Netflix.  Any plans for that to happen? Would you like to be a part of that if it happened?

Ties That Bind was great. Sadly, the network went a different direction, but you never know what might happen next. If it comes back, I would be honoured to take part in it again.

Any advice to other young people who wish to enter this industry?
My advice is to never give up on your dream.If you want to be an actor, join an acting class and see where it takes you.
As I read through these responses, it was clear to me that the entertainment industry has not changed this young man. He is not one whose name will appear in the tabloids about his latest exploits, but furthermore, he has not allowed any of his successes to go to his head. He is still a typical teenage (almost adult) boy, and there is no doubt that even in this brief exchange, you can rest assured that his love for acting is inherent. But he never lets that get in the way of his hopes, dreams, and visions. He thoroughly enjoys every experience, and he never takes anything for granted. I can only hope that as he continues to mature, the networks will seek him out for his talent and the ease with which he relates to the fans and to his characters on the screen. The entertainment world is in need of less pretentious and more pragmatic young people just like him.  So be sure to follow his adventures as season two of Good Witch starts to wrap up on Sunday nights on the Hallmark Channel. Additionally, be sure to follow his social media links to keep up with his busy, enchanting life.
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  1. Tracy Snyder May 23, 2016 Reply

    I just love good Witch. I have watched all of the movies. I was so glad when it became a series. I didn’t know he was on ties that bind. I loved that show. He was the nephew that came to live with his aunt (the cop) and his uncle. Also, his sister did too.

    • Author
      Ruth May 23, 2016 Reply

      Tracy thank you so much for stopping by!

  2. Jessica Tartaglia May 23, 2016 Reply

    I have never read nor watched the Good Witch but now i am going to keep my eyes open and start with the reading

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