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By Ruth on September 20, 2015 in promo, science fiction, television

The Time Is Right is a one-hour science fiction drama, about a twisted game show that takes place in the dystopian near future, after “The Undoing”. Each week, two contestants step through the Chronosphere™ and travel back in time, determined to save a friend or family member from unspeakable tragedy, personal ruin, or even death. Winners keep their corrected timeline… Losers endure the horror of reliving their past… Or worse.

If you have been following me for awhile on social media, you may have heard about this soon-to-be made television show called The Time is Right. I was first drawn to it because of my very dear friend, Sebastian Spence.  I am fully committed to supporting everything in which he appears, but this now goes far beyond that initial draw.  As I have immersed myself in the promotion of this show, I have learned a little about all of the people involved in this project.

time is right banner

You will see a number of posts by me over the next few weeks, and all will be about getting the word out about this show and the fact that they are raising money for it to be filmed. The talent that has been assembled is absolutely fantastic, so keep reading for a little more about the show and the actors involved.

ellen ttir

Ellen Dubin plays the producer Verity Newman, and only recently have I learned of her amazing talent (where was I??)  Ellen is one of those actresses that is so versatile, is very down-to-earth, and connects with her fans regularly. When I happened to review one of her films and sent her the link, I heard back from her, and she instantly rose to top of the list for me as far as actresses go. According to what I have read, her character is a complex, troubled character who boasts a tough exterior. With Ellen’s vast experience in movies and television, she is the perfect actress to bring a role like this to life.

sebastian ttir

Sebastian Spence plays Syd Lambert, and if you have any inkling of anything I’ve written or promoted over the last year, you know very well how I feel about this man.  Again, he is another versatile actor who has a penchant for science fiction. I mean, because of him, I actually like science fiction and seek it out (before this, Star Wars was the only science fiction series I liked).  His character on this show is described as a smarmy, self-absorbed game show host. I’ll be honest here. I love seeing Sebastian play nice roles, but there is nothing like seeing him play a role that is opposite of him. When I read that his character was a former addict who lost out on a sensational career, I could just picture Sebastian tackling a role like this. While he is my favorite actor, and I support everything in which he plays a part, this is something I anticipate more than I have anything in a long time.

Cas ttir

I will be honest that I knew nothing about Cas Anvar when I began promoting this show. I did all I could to look up information about him, and I am still in the “infancy” stage when it comes to knowledge about him. Regardless, I am completely impressed with what I have seen so far concerning him, and the idea of seeing him opposite two of my favorite actors in this role of Director Barry truly enthralls me.

Nicole ttir

Nicole G. Leier is someone again about whom I had heard nothing until she joined the cast (which happened just last week). Her role is that of engineer Dana, and I look forward to learning more about her and her character.  If you want to watch her video about joining this show, can be found here:

Russell ttir

Now, this guy, Russell Yuen, I remember when I was notified that he joined the cast, and right away I went into research mode. I got incredibly excited when I realized I was watching a show where he had made some appearances–Dark Matter. (You know, I wouldn’t have been watching that show had Sebastian not introduced me to First Wave.) Since he and I have become Facebook friends, I have found him to be very active on social media. He comments more on my posts on there than most of my other friends (whom I have known longer) do! And I can always count on him to respond to and/or retweet my tweets. Now, for some people, that may mean very little, but for this reviewer who promotes so many things and usually without any feedback whatsoever, Russell is a breath of fresh air. I have never reviewed anything in which he has appeared (I saw him in Dark Matter, but I didn’t have time to review that show.), and yet he has been quite reciprocal with all the work I have done promoting The Time is Right. For that reason, I am so happy he’s a part of this show. Oh, and I think I’ve picked up he has a sometimes quirky sense of humor–works for me!

These aforementioned actors will be in the pilot episode of this show, but there are also other actors associated with The Time is Right. Right now, it’s about funds, and if they surpass the goal they have set, these actors will appear in the pilot of the show.

andrew ttir

Here is another actor I did not know about at first, and in this country,  it’s kind of hard to find information (unless you know where to look) since he shares the name of a U.S. president. But he also appeared in Dark Matter. I haven’t seen him in anything else yet, but I’m working on it. Oh yes, I did see him in First Wave, but I don’t really remember the episode. But regardless, he has been nothing but nice, kind, and supportive. I don’t feel like I’ve invested a great deal of time, but he has appreciated everything I’ve done to promote the show and him.

Karen ttir

This is yet another actress I didn’t know about, but I have something of hers to watch so I will be doing that soon. Moreover, she is a very established actress, and I look forward to seeing her eventually in this show that I know will go on to become a major hit.

Elias ttir

Yet another actor of whom I’d never heard before, and although I have not had much interaction with him, I believe I will as the making of the show gets closer. I can’t tell you just how much The Time is Right excites me. Maybe I could borrow their chronosphere??

matthew ttir

Another science fiction actor–oh I am so far behind in that genre, but one day I will catch up! I’ll be glad when they announce what his character is!

So why have I brought all of this information to your attention today? Well, The Time is Right is trying to raise the funds so they can shoot the pilot and get this show up and running. In order to do that, they need your help. I know it might sound crazy to some of you, but this is the new wave of making television shows and movies. I myself have given to crowdfunding projects in the past (and I will again), and there is no better feeling than knowing that you have been a part of making this happen.

I can understand what some of you might be thinking. “These are movie and television stars, and they make more money than I do, so why should I support them?” First of all, realize that this is not being funded by a major network. Welcome to the world of independent film/television making. These actors are not the big-time actors who can walk into Hollywood tomorrow and demand to be in the next hit movie. In fact, these gentlemen and ladies are humble and very down-to-earth. Although I am new to the world of crowd-funding, I know for a fact that oftentimes, works that are crowd-funded can be better than those things we pay good money to see.  From those in the business who know firsthand, I have been told they would sometimes prefer to be a part of a campaign like this because everyone is more invested in the finished product.

So, are you ready to give? I invite you to check out all the links below. Realize that every little bit that is given can help. If all the fans of these various actors would contribute just a little, the goal would be reached in no time! I, for one, am thrilled and honored to be a part of promoting this show, and the #TimeTeam, as they are called, has been nothing but supportive of me. So don’t put it off. Check out this show today, and if you can give, please do!

The Time is Right Indiego Campaign Page

The Time is Right official homepage





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    This book sound like it may be a little twisted and I love it.

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    Wow, this definitely seems interesting!

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