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By Ruth on September 27, 2015 in movie, review, television

HELLO, IT’S ME – Two years after her husband dies in a sudden accident, Annie and her two children are left to cope with the loss. Annie can’t imagine falling in love again, until she meets a wealthy bachelor who is drawn to her free spirit. Afraid to love again, she longs for guidance when she starts to develop feelings for this new man. Her prayers are answered when she starts receiving communications from her late husband that encourage her to follow her heart.

Erin Pitt, Kellie Martin, Jack Fulton, Kavan Smith

Erin Pitt (Ella), Kellie Martin (Annie), Jack Fulton (Milo), Kavan Smith (James)

From the opening scenes of this film, I was drawn into the storyline.  But by way of full disclosure, I already had made up my mind to like the film since Kellie Martin and Kavan Smith were the stars.  I have adored Kellie Martin since her Life Goes On days (a fond memory of my high school years).  I’m rather new to the world of Kavan Smith as I only noticed him for the first time on When Calls the Heart this past season although I discovered I actually had seen him in previous works.  While I will review both of these actors a bit later in my review, let me just say that this movie not only met my expectations, but I believe it is safe to say that it surpassed them as well.

Erin Pitt, Kellie Martin, Chad Connell, Jack Fulton

Erin Pitt (Ella), Kellie Martin (Annie), Chad Connell (Andre), Jack Fulton (Milo)

The beginning of the film was rather arduous to watch, I will admit. I was not familiar with the work of any of these actors except for Kellie, but that didn’t stand in the way of those opening scenes. As Andre, Annie’s husband who was tragically killed shortly after that opening scene, Chad was absolutely perfect. While his role is small, he continues to pop up as the movie continues. As it seems he has quite a resume, I hope to see him in more works so I can view the depth of his talent. The way in which he relates to the other actors in this picture is perfect–exactly what you would expect from a devoted father and husband.

 Kavan Smith, Kellie Martin

Kavan Smith (James), Kellie Martin (Annie)

Two years after this family tragedy, widow Annie meets millionaire James almost by accident.  Through a series of seeming coincidences, their paths continue to cross. They discover that they enjoy each other’s company, and it seems to enter their minds that maybe there is a future for them together.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

But as you can imagine, there are obstacles in their way that threaten to bring an end to their relationship before it even starts. This is one of those elements–unusual cell phone occurrences. As it says in the summary, Annie believes she is receiving messages from her dead husband via her cell phone, and it is those messages that seem to guide her throughout the story.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

Now I’ll be honest–I do not believe she is actually receiving messages from beyond the grave, but no matter what you believe, I never found that part of the story objectionable in any way. Hallmark leaves it open to the viewer’s interpretation, and there are a variety of explanations concerning these messages. Regardless, it’s what Annie believes that drives the story to its heartwarming conclusion.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

As Ella, Annie’s teenage daughter, Erin Pitt  plays the character who is trying to find herself and protect her mom from hurt at the same time.  As one would expect due to the tragedy, Ella is withdrawn and easily perturbed. However, with her mom, she walks on eggshells lest she says the wrong thing and cause her mom to explode. Erin is supremely cast, and seeing her transformation over the course of the movie is a veritable treat. Moreover, her interactions with Kevan are flawless and refreshing.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo AssetsEqually engaging is James Fulton who plays Annie’s younger son, Milo. He is full of life and instantly connects with Kavan’s character.  Witnessing their genuine interactions only endeared me more to both of these actors. It is apparent that Kavan must unquestionably cherish working with children because he relates to James so authentically and at times with reckless abandon. Nothing against our principal stars, but James somewhat steals the show with his cuteness (although Kavan comes pretty doggone close).

 Janet-Laine Green, Kavan Smith

Janet-Laine Green, Kavan Smith

Into every happy love story, there is always a dark cloud, and in this case, it’s a mother. Played by Janet-Laine Grenn, she is the typical mother of a wealthy bachelor who wants her son to marry in order to provide for a stable financial future and social standing.  Though they play rather typecast roles when in scenes together, Janet-Laine and Kavan bring a certain expertise to their conversations and interactions that set them apart.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

When “Mommy” is introduced to her son’s business partner/potential girlfriend, she is as charmingly condescending as expected.  Thankfully, Kavan’s character is able to quickly resolve and lay to rest any fears and concerns that his mother has caused, and Kellie’s character is able to breathe a sigh of relief.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

In the end, James does break free from his mom, and in most ways, she seems to support his decision. The awkward  conversation they have near the end of the movie is supremely acted to the minutest detail–certainly a nod to their acting prowess.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

Thankfully, Annie has a great friend who is sometimes just a bit pushy, but she is able to help rescue her from her self-imposed prison. And it is Rachael Crawford who plays Ericka, the friend that would never give up on Annie. Again, she relates to Kellie with the same authenticity that we have grown accustomed to seeing on Hallmark.  As supporting actors and actresses are often used in multiple films, so I will definitely keep a lookout for Rachael in the future.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

As Annie, the young widow who has practically given up dreams and love, the radiant Kellie is ideally cast. There has never been a film or show in which I haven’t liked Kellie, and now that she does many films for Hallmark, it’s a joy to be able to see her more regularly. Again, Kellie, though absolutely gorgeous, it a unique person. She is naturally beautiful with a very distinctive face and smile, and she is a petite but imposing lady who is not about to be underestimated.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

There is no doubt in my mind that Kellie has thoroughly immersed herself in this role as she always does with every role. She never struggles to make her acting look effortless, and her down-to-earth nature is even more appealing.  I was enchanted with her character because she made Annie so credible and alluring. Even though I don’t believe that it’s possible to contact someone from beyond the grave, I never questioned Annie’s conviction that she was hearing from her husband.  I couldn’t call into question anything that Kellie did because her delightful portrayal just captivated me.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

From the moment Kavan Smith joined When Calls the Heart last season, I was a fan. Not only is he extremely handsome (but again unlike the cookie cutter guys that often play in these kinds of films), but his acting is utterly incredible. Whenever he is on the screen, his natural charisma draws me to him, and I never dispute the credibility of his performance. His portrayal of James is decidedly spot on, and filled with spontaneity, boyish optimism, and deeply sensitive emotion. How could you not love his portrayal of James? Easy to see why Annie fell for him.

HELLO, IT'S ME - Two years after her husband dies in a sudden accident, Annie and her two children are left to cope with the loss. Annie can't imagine falling in love again, until she meets a wealthy bachelor who is drawn to her free spirit. Afraid to love again, she longs for guidance when she starts to develop feelings for this new man. Her prayers are answered when she starts receiving communications from her late husband that encourage her to follow her heart. Photo: Kavan Smith, Jack Fulton, Kellie Martin, Erin Pitt Credit: Copyright 2015 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: Brooke Palmer

Together, Kellie and Kavan are pure heaven on the screen. Their interactions and even the inclusion of the children makes everything about this story work. Their chemistry can be described as smooth and sweet. Kavan plays the man who is so in love with this beautiful, free-spirited, and caring woman who doesn’t want to push her too hard but longs to aid her in the realization of all of her dreams that have lain dormant for too long. His character’s gentleness is exactly what Kellie’s character needs. My only complaint about the movie is that it was over far too quickly. I would have relished seeing more interactions between these two.

Hello, It's Me Final Photo Assets

In the casting of Kellie and Kavan, Hallmark has made one of the most intelligent choices in casting I have seen in a while. To have two attractive, talented, and unique actors opposite each other makes this movie exceed expectations in the extreme.  Both of these professionals are fully engaged in the story and interact with each other and the other actors involved in the movie with such perfection that is often not witnessed in movies today. I hope that Hallmark realizes what a wonderful casting choice they have made, and here is hoping these two make more movies together in the future.

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  1. Lisa September 27, 2015 Reply

    Loved Kavan Smith since I first saw him in “Growing the Big One”. Wish Hallmark would add Kellie’s “Mystery Woman” series to their mystery wheel.

  2. Kathy Helms September 27, 2015 Reply

    What a very nice review Ruth, I too have been waiting for this movie since I first saw it advertised. Kelli Martin has always been a favorite and Kavan Smith won me over this past season of ‘When Calls the Heart’. Your review has gotten me really excited to see this show, can’t wait till Sunday night! Thank you!

    • Author
      Ruth September 28, 2015 Reply

      Thanks Kathy hope you did enjoy.

  3. cylina williams October 2, 2015 Reply

    This looks like a very good movie, thanks for the review

  4. Ann Cluck October 4, 2015 Reply

    I love Hallmark movies. They always leave you a little bit sad, but very happy at the end. No bad words or nudity is a plus. The entire family can enjoy!!

  5. Kelly Nicholson October 7, 2015 Reply

    i miss these types of movies…im tired of the violence

    • Author
      Ruth October 7, 2015 Reply

      I completely agree.

  6. Carol L October 16, 2015 Reply

    Hallmark reminds me of the old days where you could sit down and enjoy family movies. Thank you for a wonderful review.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  7. Jenn October 3, 2016 Reply

    I may be young (29) but I’ve loved Kellie Martin movies and shows and your review is exactly why. This movie was so cute and something I should have kept on my dvr to watch again but I accidently hit delete (but I’m sure they’ll replay it) normally I get annoyed by the child actors in some hallmark films but I loved this whole cast

    • Author
      Ruth October 3, 2016 Reply

      Jenn thanks for stopping by. For sure they will replay it. And be sure to catch Kellie Martin’s new mystery film this month!

  8. Renee Rose February 2, 2017 Reply

    Just tried to get through this movie. Not one of Hallmark’s best I’m afraid. It moves too slow and Hallmark has had some good movies over the years. This isn’t one of them.

    Hallmark is far, far better than Lifetime however and I can’t remember the last time I watched anything over there. I always give each movie a fair shot, but just wasn’t crazy about this one.

    • Author
      Ruth February 2, 2017 Reply

      Renee I appreciate your perspective. Not every film is everyone’s cup of tea. This one was based on a book so the elements that were slow or didn’t make sense may not have set well with you. I have no problem with your alternative perspective as long as we keep things kind and appropriate.

  9. Pflashgordon March 22, 2017 Reply

    I loved the choice of music at the climactic scene on the beach. “Come to Me” by Casey Hurt, based on Jesus’ words to us found in Matthew 11:28-30.

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