“Cedar Cove: Something’s Gotta Give” Episode Review

By Ruth on July 29, 2015 in movies, review, television

CEDAR COVE – SOMETHING’S GOTTA GIVE – In the fallout from Olivia and Jack’s explosive fight, Olivia worries Jack’s drinking could return as they take a break, and her friendly connection to Paul grows. Warren refuses to back down when his father cuts him off, and goes into business with a surprising new client. Then, Grace takes on her first project as Town Manager, with a disappointing outcome. And when all of Cedar Cove comes together, a picture perfect moment proves there is much more than meets the eye in this small, idyllic town.

First of all, please note that even though my reviews are essentially spoiler-free, there may be things you did not know that have been shared on social media and online. It is also assumed that you have seen the previous episodes. I do my utmost to not reveal anything that will ruin the story, but if you overly concerned, please do not read on. Otherwise, let us jump in together.

Andie MacDowell as Olivia

Andie MacDowell as Olivia

Always central to anything about Cedar Cove is Andie MacDowell as she continues to portray the beloved Judge Olivia Lockhart. Every time I see her in this role, I always find her captivating, gracious, and simply radiant. It would seem that no matter what story line they give her or what cast member shares the scene with her, she shines like a beacon of light as she plays her role with true soul and heart. In this episode, her doubts begin to come front and center regarding her relationship with Jack. Additionally, she is the one in whom Grace confides (and vice versa). We also find her spending more time with the new D.A.  And of course, since her brother Will is back in town to stay (or so it would seem), she if forced to contend with him.

Colin Ferguson as Paul

Colin Ferguson as Paul

As I mentioned last week, Paul Watson (as played by Colin Ferguson) is beginning to grow on me. I don’t fancy the fact that he and Olivia are spending so much time together (and you’ll find out I’m not the only one in town who is concerned about him), but as far as his character goes, Colin seems to have grown into his part as the season continues to advance. In fact, every week, I tend to like him better in his part. Once in a while, the writers even give him some of the best lines in the show which he delivers in his own style with seasoned professionalism.  So I can say that keeping an open mind where Mr. Paul Watson is concerned is always a smart idea.  I would advise all fans to do the same thing (as I wasn’t too keen on him at first).

Dylan Neal as  Jack

Dylan Neal as Jack

Well, Jack (Dylan Neal) attempts a new strategy with Olivia this week–not going to say what it is, but it is reminiscent of another character’s strategy with his woman last season. Confidentially, it’s a pretty wise tactic. Woefully, Dylan’s character has been somewhat absent throughout these early episodes, and I miss the interactions between him and Olivia, as I believe many of the fans do, too However, we have to remember that it may take all season for that signficant trust to be restored.  I honestly believe that this is a story line that is exceptionally realistic, and we shouldn’t be begging Jack and Olivia to hurry up and be a couple again. I can say I breathed a sigh of relief this week, and I have great confidence for this couple’s future. You’ll see why–no spoilers here.

Dylan Neal as Jack & Bruce Boxleitner as Bob

Dylan Neal as Jack & Bruce Boxleitner as Bob

God bless Bob Beldon (Bruce Boxleitner)! And I shall continue to shout that from the rooftops during this episode. He is the one who ultimately talks some sense into Jack. I mean, why on earth has Jack not noticed the way Paul and Olivia are together so much (not to mention the way they look at each other)? Well, you know Bob has, and I don’t think it spoils anything when I disclose that Bob is not a fan of Paul Watson.  In fact, let’s see if we can spot the feelings of both Peggy and Bob concerning this new D.A.

Peggy (Barbara Niven), Bob & Paul

Peggy (Barbara Niven), Bob & Paul

I would say the picture says it best. Peggy (Barbara Niven) again comes off as sweet, loving, and always the perfect hostess. You know that smile is genuine, and it’s clear that they are hitting it off (and indeed they do in this episode). Poor Bob though.

Bob & Paul

Bob & Paul

Again sometimes a picture speaks a thousand words. I relish this story line between the three of them No spoilers but it is purely genius and one of my favorite parts of the episode. I hope to see more from the Beldons in future episodes. We’ve been blessed to see a lot of them, so hopefully Hallmark has listened to the fans and realized just how important this couple is to the success of the show. After all Bruce and Peggy always play the perfect onscreen couple that are the very epitome of lifetime love, and adding Colin into this mix truly has turned the story into something delightfully humorous.


Timothy Webber as "Moon"

Timothy Webber as “Moon”

Okay, how can “Moon” can just keep becoming more endearing? He’s that unassuming character who always speaks wisdom and a bit of wit at just the right moment. And you can expect he always has perfect timing in every episode.  I think Warren might be the only one who doesn’t like Moon–probably because he knows Moon can unmask  his facade.

Giles Panton as John & Elyse Levesque  as Maryellen

Giles Panton as John & Elyse Levesque as Maryellen

What a delightful surprise it was for Maryellen to come back to Cedar Cove this season. She made a special appearance last week (remember how Grace thought she and Cliff were going to be grandparents?), and lanky and gorgeous Elyse Lavesque again is playing this winsome character. And there is certainly no one who can light up a screen quite like her. As I mentioned last week, Giles Panton is playing John this season, and I wasn’t sure what I thought of him. Unfortunately, poor Giles is being asked to accomplish the nearly impossible–replacing a recognizable character in an established show.  In my opinion, his task is more complicated than Colin’s. So it took me a week to get used to him. And let me tell you what Giles did that was so clever. While his acting is fantastic, he has begun to reach out on social media (he followed me the same day I followed him–what?). Once he did, I thanked him, and I received such an artful reply from him. This caused me to research him, and I discovered I had seen him in several things without even realizing it. Signed, Sealed Delivered Fans–he was on an episode (look it up if you don’t believe me).  I can honestly say that I look at Giles through different eyes since interacting with him on social media. I wish more actors and actresses understood the value of social media interaction with fans.  I realize it can be time-consuming, but in this case, Giles now has a fan for life. I will definitely watch out for other things in which he appears, and I have Cedar Cove to thank for that.

 Sarah Smyth  as Justine

Sarah Smyth as Justine

While Luke (Jesse Hutch) is in this episode briefly, Justine (Sarah Smyth) figures into it on a grander scale. If you remember last week’s episode, Uncle Will (Cameron Bancroft) “hired” Justine so she would have the job she needed so desperately which would enable her to move out of her mom’s house. I have to say that the way in which Sarah plays Justine is always so realistic, and I am enraptured with the way she has allowed her character to mature. It’s always a delight to see her with Luke as they are such a delectable couple. It warms my heart that Luke never pressures her and treats her like a lady who deserves respect. Seeing poor Justine in the hands of Will really grates against me.

Sarah Smyth as Justine & Brennan Elliott as Warren

Sarah Smyth as Justine & Brennan Elliott as Warren

I can remember when Brennan tweeted out a picture of Warren and Justine sharing a dinner together, and I was really worried, I must say (Brennan, the master of the tease!). I think if you look at Justine’s expression, you’re going to recognize a look of distaste. And one of my favorite scenes from the whole episode involves these two. Does anyone remember when Justine told Warren off in season two? Be sure to watch on Saturday for more fireworks–I can promise you that. These two in a scene together are so perfectly cast and play off each other as true professionals–I hope for more scenes between them throughout the season. A true testament to the amazing acting of both.

Cameron Bancroft  as Will

Cameron Bancroft as Will

As my mom said, if Cameron Bancroft can make me so detest the character of Will, he must doing a pretty good job playing his part. And yet again, his character is being so underhanded. No spoilers, but check it out.

Brennan Elliott as Warren & Cameron Bancroft  as Will

Brennan Elliott as Warren & Cameron Bancroft as Will

Uh-oh, this doesn’t look good, does it? Warren and Will maybe joining forces? Well, I guess you’ll have to wait to see on Saturday. (I’ll discuss Warren in a moment.)

Teryl Rothery as Grace

Teryl Rothery as Grace

I haven’t mentioned much about Grace (Teryl Rothery), but this is indubitably her episode to shine. Her character finally gets to plan her first event as community manager. There is nothing like seeing the way Teryl plays Grace–with such finesse and real spunk but never without gentleness and true heart. No matter what hurdles her character faces, Grace will always be the victor.

Grace & Bob

Grace, Peggy & Bob

And her interactions with Bob this season (and occasionally Peggy too), and especially in this episode, are so enchanting.   It has been sheer delight to witness these characters in several scenes together this season.  While Grace always prefers to be in control, there are a few things that threaten to derail all her plans. Furthermore, will she wear Cliff’s engagement ring this episode? No spoilers–you’ll have to watch for yourself.

Tom Butler  as Buck

Tom Butler as Buck

The only guy that can really make Warren squirm–Tom Butler is back again as Buck in this episode. Remember what Warren found out about Alex?

Rebecca Marshall as Alex

Rebecca Marshall as Alex

I’m not going to ruin the story, but you will want to watch on Saturday night to see who comes out victorious. Alex (Rebecca Marshall) and Buck make quite a pair, and exhilarating to see the way Rebecca plays Alex–she is certainly not frightened by Warren. She and Jack have a magnificent scene together that you will not want to miss. And you will want to watch the diabolical dealings of this trio (or maybe not so diabolical after all–you’ll have to decide for yourself).

So, of course, I save my two favorites till the last. Some of you who follow my reviews regularly are going to be a bit shocked. Although Sebastian Spence is my favorite actor, Cliff Harting is no longer my favorite character. To be quite sincere, Brennan Elliot has so charmed me with his portrayal of Warren Saget that his character has received that special place this season.

Brennan Elliot (Warren)

Brennan Elliot (Warren)

Well, this season has furnished an absolutely non-stop scintillating story line for Warren Saget, and Brennan’s portrayal of him is positively impeccable.  All the things I have come to appreciate in Warren (diabolicalness, cunning, charm, wit–oh the list could go on) are there in excess (in just the right amount), but now I find myself feeling sympathy for our dear villain. I mentioned this in an earlier review, but it would seem the writers smiled upon Brennan this season when they gave him this enthralling narrative. The more I learn about his back story and what makes him tick, the more I find myself falling under the spell of Warren Saget.

Warren Saget

Warren Saget

Remember last week’s episode? Warren found some “dirt” on Alex, and the supposition would be that he would share it to discredit her (or maybe even blackmail her). This week, we will find out just how low Warren will go to regain control of the company. Or maybe he will decide to make the ultimate break from dear old daddy.  After all, does Warren really need his father or is he capable of branching out on his own? I would invite you to watch this week and find out for yourself.

 Tom Butler, Rebecca Marshall, Brennan Elliott

Tom Butler, Rebecca Marshall, Brennan Elliott

One thing that truly impresses me about Brennan is that when he is on the screen, he brings out the best in the actors with whom he is blessed to work. Don’t get me wrong–the cast of Cedar Cove is bar none, but Brennan just has a knack of pulling out the best (or the worst) from each of  actors who share the scene with him. And his charisma is so infectious that I don’t think anyone can be on the fence where his character of “Warren” is concerned.  Either you love him or you hate him (or you love to hate him–I guess there are three options).  All I can say is that the more I see Brennan as Warren on the screen, the more I absolutely adore his character. In fact, the more malicious he is, the better I like him (wait, did I really say that? I do believe I’ve been brainwashed!).

Brennan Elliott as Warren Saget

Brennan Elliott as Warren Saget

Moreover, Brennan is always so kind to his fans.  This is a guy who has learned to harness the power of social media, and it has completely worked to his advantage. The fact that he interacts with his fans and even tries to personally respond when his time allows is enough to rally a vast number of fans. And his benevolence to me–I honestly can’t say enough to repay him for the encouragement he has given me and the recognition he dispenses so freely. All I can do is continue to whole-heartedly support his work and continue to promote him as much as I can.

Sebastian Spence as Cliff, & Teryl Rothery  as Grace

Sebastian Spence as Cliff, & Teryl Rothery as Grace

What can I say? Cliff Harting was so missed in the last episode that it was a joy to see my friend Sebastian Spence playing him again (even though his screen time this episode consists of but thirty seconds).  To see him suddenly appear and surprise Grace as he does is a spectacular thing to anticipate, and if there is one actor who knows how to make the most of every line and scene in which he appears, it’s Sebastian. While my heart always longs for more Cliff (I mean he has had my heart since he first stepped on the screen back in season one), I understand that his character is a secondary one, so I celebrate any time we see a mere glimpse of him. No matter how miniscule the scene nor how tiny the lines, Sebastian is a consummate professional who brings such warmth, compassion, and genuineness to the role of Cliff.  Moreover, the chemistry he and Teryl have on-screen (as Cliff and Grace) completely captivates me. It is rare to see two actors who can play on-screen lovers with such credibility and tenderness. Personally, I’m a sucker for their romance, loving eyes, and smoldering kisses. I have never been so fascinated by an on-screen romance, and let’s hope these two finally get married this season (it’s about time after all).

Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove 1004--(Photo by: Katie Yu/HallmarkWhen it comes to my personal interactions with the sensational Sebastian, I can’t speak highly enough of him. I have never known any actor (and very few other people in this world, for that matter) who realize the power of kind words and encouragement while still being genuine and humble. Sebastian is what I would call an anomaly in the entertainment business. Rarely have I seen a man who so invests himself in others (trust me, I wouldn’t be where I am now without his encouragement), and even though he doesn’t always have the time he would like to return the showers of goodwill he receives (he and technology often have a “love-hate” relationship), you can be guaranteed to receive a timely response from him that is tailored exactly to you (and not just the standard response). While I know that much of the Cedar Cove cast does this regularly too, there has always been something special about this guy. And the best I can do to repay him is just to be his number one cheerleader as well as a dear friend (and he is all that and more).

So, dear reader, be sure to tune in on Saturday to Cedar Cove (check local listing for times), and don’t forget to live tweet with the cast if you’re able to.

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  1. Vicki July 29, 2015 Reply

    I have Hello Again and A Helping Hand dvr’d but have only watched part of Hello Again. So far, it is the best episode. I’m loving this series!
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    Oh Ruth, I just love that last picture!
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    You have done a spectcular job on this review and I can’t wait to see the show this Sat. Thank you!

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      Ruth July 30, 2015 Reply

      Well yes I do too Kathy–that picture is one of my favorites of him. Thanks for your kind words.

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    Remarkable review Ruth!Excited to see what happens on CC this Saturday!

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      Thanks Angelia I think it will be quite a night.

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    I love Andie McDowell, such an amazing actress!! Terrific blog!! I love watching this show!! Thanks!!

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      I’m with you thanks for your comment Elizabeth

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