“Accidental Obsession” Lifetime Movie Review

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Accidental Obsession (Lifetime Movie 2015)

A lawyer is riding high after putting a notorious swindler behind bars, but has to look over her shoulder when a former cop threatens to blackmail her over a skeleton in her closet that could bring her career to an end.

Welcome to a movie that I have been eagerly anticipating for quite some time.  Originally, this film was called Hit and Run, and every time I checked, it was not going to be released in the near future. Then suddenly the title was changed, and it appeared in Lifetime’s lineup! I have known about this film for almost a year, and I am so gratified it finally arrived to my little screen.

Content Advisory: This is typical Lifetime fare. There is some profanity, and an implied intimate scene that doesn’t show much. The violence is not overly bloody, but there are some disturbing scenes.

Before I begin my review, permit me to say the following. This is a typical Lifetime “thriller,” and the story line is somewhat above average. I am well aware of the pitfalls associated with this film.  However, even though this is a typical “B” film, I am able to recognize acting talent and even some suspenseful moments here and there. Additionally, while Lifetime films are notorious for being extreme, somewhere in the midst of that, truth does abound. My parents and I all agree that though this might sometimes strain reality, there are people in this world (more than we would like to admit) who are a demented and even would-be stalkers. This movie is an excellent reminder that letting your guard down and ignoring your “gut” feelings can put you in positions that are unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

The moment I saw this actress, I knew I had seen her somewhere before. I didn’t know her name, but her beauty and outstanding talent was all too familiar. And indeed I had seen her most recently in Gourmet Detective, but I discovered I had also seen her in Christmas in Canaan.  I believe that Rukiya is one of those actresses who plays a variety of supporting roles, and once you see her, you just cannot forget her. Both her talent and features are memorable, and I will definitely be looking for her in future movies as she is quite a talented lady.

garry chalk

Garry Chalk as Saul Rubens

Another recognizable face appeared on the screen, but again I couldn’t place him. It was my fellow Cedar Cove fan/friend who tipped me off that this was the same guy who played Sherrif Troy Davis on Cedar Cove. Of course! That’s where I had seen him! However, his resume is quite impressive, so I invite you to check it out as there is a good chance you have seen him in something (or heard his voice). No matter what role Garry plays, it always seems to suit him. He is an exceptional supporting cast member, and I look forward to continuing to see him in a variety of works in the future.


Josie and marc

Marc Menard as Jack Riley and Josie Davis as Heather Williams

Marc Menard and Josie Davis were two new stars to me. I was aware of some of the works Josie had done in the past, but this was the first time I actually saw her in one. As to Marc, I hadn’t seen him in anything until this film either. Together, this couple seems to match well. Marc plays a rather typical Lifetime “boyfriend” role, and Josie is exceptional in her role as well–Heather is the ideal role to showcase her skills, and she always played her role believably as I never questioned that she was the successful lawyer with a crazy ex-boyfriend and a smart, handsome private investigator current boyfriend.

josie and crazy

Caroline Cave as Vanessa & Josie Davis as Heather Williams

The pairing of these ladies was intriguing, and it was absolutely superb for the movie. Josie and Caroline came off as credible in this “complicated friendship” that wasn’t all it appeared to be. Again, I believe that any scene in which Josie appeared was effortless and impressive. I will mention Caroline in more detailed comments in a moment, but these two related well in spite of the seriousness of the subject matter.  Their final scenes together (animal cruelty–oh that was horrific) were some of the most emotionally involving of the entire film.

caroline cave

Caroline Cave as Vanessa

Despite the fact that Caroline Cave was not my reason for watching this film (I’ll mention him in a moment), she practically stole the show in her portrayal of the mentally unstable Vanessa. From the opening scene, her character captured my attention, and my mind vainly attempted to unravel the mania that I was witnessing on the screen.  As I continued to watch her, I became curious about who the actress was. Once I discovered that she had guest starred on Signed, Sealed, Delivered,  I was on a mission to discover which role she played as I couldn’t recall seeing her.

When I learned that she appeared on episode one as a “crook,” I knew immediately which part it was, and I smiled as I thought how well she plays these “bad ladies.” There is no doubt in my mind that Caroline plays “nutty” immensely well, and I completely believed her performance.  Lifetime films generally have the token “crazy lady,” and I  often don’t find that their roles resonate with me.  Not so with Caroline. I don’t know if she always plays these kinds of parts as I’m not overly familiar with her other works, but there is no doubt that she is more than  capable of playing her role in this film. Her looks, mannerisms, and everything about her seemed to ring true as she fully threw herself into her role (she did the same thing when she was on Signed, Sealed, Delivered). 

accidental obsession sebastian

Lest anyone wonder or question my devotion to my dear friend Sebastian Spence, of course he is the entire reason that I watched this film. Unquestionably, had he never appeared in this film, I would never have taken notice of  this film. But I’m not regretting it at all as his influence has caused me to be exposed to a vast assortment of talent, stories, and films. My current well-rounded, open-mindedness is a direct result of my devotion to him and to his career. Furthermore, it’s always a bonus when he has a role in any film or television show, whether large or small (of course, everyone knows that I prefer more substantial roles for him).

hit and run sebastian

As Ray Johnson, Heather’s disturbed/stalker ex-boyfriend, Sebastian was as impeccable as usual. Whenever I prepare to view any of his films, my expectation is that he will be marvelous, and he has never disappointed me in that respect. If anything, he was more adept than I expected (especially in two scenes I will mention momentarily). From his inaugural appearance, I knew he was going to be a “bad guy,” but I was not expecting his character to remind me of my ex-husband. Thankfully I know Sebastian was only acting (thank God for that fact), but he played this role extraordinarily well with his typical prowess. Moreover, whenever he was in a scene with either female character, there was no holding back–he commanded the scene.

hit and run sebastian 3In fact, there were two scenes in which his perfection radiated to new levels (I’ll attempt to keep this spoiler-free). When he stormed into Heather’s apartment and confronted her, I was mesmerized by his masterful ability to dominate the scene. Due to his sensational acting, I will admit this is the scene that terrified me beyond compare! There was no doubt that he commanded the scene (even when crazy Vanessa tried to step in). Silently, I breathed my thanks to whomever conceived this scene that I found worthy of his outstanding talent.

accidental obsession sebastian 5

However, his final scene in the film was even more gripping and enthralling. The moment I realized what direction the story line was heading, I anticipated it with a healthy measure of dread (I knew his final scene was coming up–no spoilers here). In fact, in one sense, it was a bit of a painful scene to watch.

accidental obsession 7

Notwithstanding, my parents and I were completely entranced with his role, and this scene was by far his best. Rarely have I seen such a convincing performance, and his interactions with Caroline’s character were absolutely phenomenal. Although he permitted Caroline to steal the show (actually his character had no choice but to do so, but he was gracious), his portrayal of Ray in his final scene is firmly implanted on my mind. I would say more, but I fear I would give away the plot.  Just know that though Sebastian has a relatively small role, it’s robust, masterful, and positively breathtaking.  In fact, my mom and I have continued to discuss it several days after it premiered.

In conclusion, while this is not the absolute best Lifetime film I have ever seen, there is no doubt that this is a movie worth watching. Whatever the script may lack, the acting more than makes up for that. Furthermore, the actors bring their “A” game to this film, and there was never a dull moment.  I invite you to check out this compelling film and all the superb performances. I am most grateful that my friendship with Sebastian drew me to the film, and although my favorite scenes will always involve him, my entire family agrees that this is an emotionally involving thriller in which it is worth investing the time.

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