“Aurora Teagarden: A Bone to Pick” Movie Review

By Ruth on April 7, 2015 in movie, mystery, review

bone to pickWhen Aurora, or Roe, Teagarden’s acquaintance from the disbanded hobby group, Real Murders, dies, Roe is bequeathed a small house and a not-so-small fortune. Roe soon discovers that her generous benefactress has left her more than she bargained for when she uncovers a skull in a carpeted window seat in the inherited house. Roe sets out to find out who the victim is and how his or her skull ended up in a spinster’s window seat. Will Roe discover the murderer on Honor Street?

I have been a Candace Cameron Bure fan ever since Full House. Yes, one of the few modern shows I watched as I grew up. After that show ended, I completely lost touch with her (I knew she was married and a Christian–that was it) until I started seeing her on Hallmark and Dancing with the Stars (she had my vote every week!).  I simply adore the fact that she is immensely talented and so open about her faith. Thus she easily ranks high on my list of favorite actors. From the moment I heard about this premiere, I was incredibly excited. There really is no content advisory except that it is a murder mystery and features a skeleton. This is a clean mystery–no profanity, no gratuitous violence–even my 11-year-old daughter loved it.

bone to pick 7I’m beginning my review in an unlikely place. I always try to make connections between films I am reviewing and actors/actresses within the film. I remember liking Roe’s love interest, Father Scott Aubrey (played by Stephen Huszar). On the off-chance that I had seen him in anything else, I checked out his resume. Needless to say, when I saw that his list of credits included Shock to the System (read my review of that film here), I was flabberghasted! Who would have guessed? I discovered I even remembered his small role in that film. Here, Stephen plays a charming, handsome minister, and I hope to see him in many more of these films. He and Candace have great on-screen chemistry, and he never comes off as a know-it-all minister. Although the role is small, it is memorable. I must continue to watch for Stephen in other works as I find him a likeable actor.

bone to pick 2Another familiar face graced the screen on this film as well, but I didn’t have to go hunting for where I had seen her. Marilu Henner plays Roe’s mother, Aida.  I never watched Taxi, so I am not familiar with her from that role, but I was an avid supporter of Signed, Sealed, Delivered. She had a guest spot on a couple of those shows, and I remember her quite fondly (even though her part was pretty vicious). She has had an extensive career, and it is such a treat to see her in this role. She brings effortless wit and acting to this role, and her interactions with Candace as mother and daughter are an absolute delight.

bone to pick 3Perhaps they look nothing alike, but you never doubt that Marilu is the meddling mother who only wants the absolute best prospects for her daughter.  She does not approve of her daughter’s extracurricular interests, but she has not allowed this to put a damper on their relationship. I certainly hope she will be returning to the series as well as I could not imagine another person as Roe’s mother.

bone to pick 5From the opening scene, Candace’s character, Roe, captured my attention. The woman is gorgeous, but she is so much more. Her inner beauty always shows through, and you just cannot help but believe that this woman is as unblemished and as wholesome as they come. She brings that to her character of Roe, but she also brings a quiet maturity that is absolutely imperative in this role. Roe is not truly naive, but she also is not cynical.  My mother was as completely enraptured with Candace in this role as I was (though my mom never liked Full House). 

bone to pick 4It is truly refreshing to see someone in television who has not compromised her testimony, and she is so incredibly talented that her traditional values do not keep her from doing quality work.  I plan to watch each of the films in this series (they have planned a total of nine).  I love good murder mysteries, and that is what this film is. Nothing gory, the bad guy gets his due, and all’s well that ends well. However, there are several electrifying twists along the way.

bone to pick 6Some people might think that I am only supporting this film because Candace is a Christian. Permit me to say that is not the case. While I am drawn to this film and her because of her faith, if I found the film to be lacking in any area, I would let you know. Not every one of her films has resonated quite as vigorously with me. However, this is just like a part that Candace was born to play. I honestly cannot explain it any better than that. I forgot that she was Candace (that usually doesn’t happen), and I truly believed she was the character of Aurora Teagarden. She so immersed herself competently into the role that my focus was riveted on her almost solely for the duration of the film. Indeed this is my favorite of her works so far.

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  1. Laurie April 14, 2015 Reply

    I liked your review. Sounds like it would be interesting. I might not have watched it before but, will now.

    • Author
      Ruth April 18, 2015 Reply

      So glad–it’s worth checking out!!

  2. Jenny N April 14, 2015 Reply

    This sounds great I will have to find the time to watch it!

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