“A Bug and a Bag of Weed” Movie Review

By Ruth on January 13, 2015 in movie, review

bbwPeter Jordan is 33 years old and stuck in a dead end retail job at Super Duper Computers. To make matters worse, he’s managed to rack up over $35,000 worth of debt. Student Loans, credit cards, Big Screen TV. His love life is equally in debt. Just when it seems he will never break out of his rut, an old high school buddy named Frehley shows up unexpectedly. Under Frehley’s influence, Peter takes large cash advances on his newest credit card to go out every night. He even purchases his dream car, a classic ’72 Volkswagen Bug. Frehley’s easygoing take on life soon begins to affect Peter’s co-workers as well. Before long Peter and his buddies Stan and Willie are having the time of their life. Not only are they meeting women, they’re finally picking them up as well! When complications arise, Frehley disappears as quickly as he arrived, leaving a hockey bag full of pot in Peter’s apartment…

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Note that this film is somewhat easier to find but sometimes a little pricier than most might like. Also note that the subject matter (drugs) and profanity are rampant throughout this film. There are no actual bedroom scenes, but there is plenty of implied sex and sexual dialogue. So to my more sensitive readers, this may be a film you approach with caution.

bbw4My review:

From the outset, permit me to say this movie is unlike anything I have ever seen before, and I seriously doubt I will see anything like it again. (Yes, dear reader, I find myself saying that a lot lately.) Essentially, this is a comedy about marijuana, gay thieves, and shady business dealings.  I will admit to not “buying into” the film during the first half of it.  Sometimes farces just don’t capture my attention. And I was sincerely afraid that this would be one that I would not enjoy in any sense of the word.

bbw1I was not familiar with any of the other actors in the film, but mostly they seemed to hold their own. It’s hard when I’ve seen them in nothing else and have nothing with which to compare.  The actors all seem to perform their roles fairly well, and the chemistry between the cast seems effortless. As the story advances, the comedy seems to improve possibly due to revelation of details concerning the principals.  They do appear to behave like overgrown high schoolers–I think that is part of the comedy.  Sometimes the dialogue could have been a bit sharper, but that is again not the fault of the actors.

bbw5'For me, it was the character of Frehley (Sebastian Spence) that absolutely made this film the delight that it became. If you have seen of any of his films (or read the many reviews on my site), you will probably struggle to recognize his character. I have been known to say that Sebastian can convincingly play any role, and this is proof. I have never seen him play such a wild character (I would venture to say completely opposite of the man I know), and this made his portion of the film even more hilarious.  He not only looks different but he even sounds different. In fact, I do believe even I struggled to find my friend somewhere beneath his character–that is saying something.

bbw2I was a bit disappointed as his character was relatively small. I understood why that was the case, but I think the powers that be missed a golden opportunity to more prominently feature his talents. Indeed this character always stays in the back of your mind since it is his bumbling that has caused part of the situation at hand, but more screen time would have been preferable (then again, I’m biased).

bbw3If you do decide to view this film, I strongly encourage you to set aside any previous notions you have about anything. Farces are just that. If you try to think too much and dissect the story, you will find that you are unable to enjoy it as much. There is plenty of potentially offensive humor, but each time, I was not overly bothered. In fact, Sebastian’s character and one of his friends have a conversation that under any other circumstances, I would have been horrified. However, because of the expert way in which the lines were delivered and the premise of the film, I found it not only entertaining but quite memorable.

Before I forget, I will insert something that I do not typically put in a review–especially one of his reviews. I pride myself on not being a shallow person. When I watch an actor on the screen, I make it a point to look past his/her physical features–even if they are a pleasant distraction–in order to evaluate his/her abilities. I am even more vigilant when it comes to Sebastian’s films because I thoroughly respect and appreciate the tremendous amount of talent he brings to the screen. But I’m going to be honest here. Yes, his acting was phenomenal, but his physique in this film is enticingly delectable.  Not that I am complaining, mind you.  I do believe it strains reality to see a drug dealer/addict with such highly toned biceps and abdominals, but this reviewer reveled in the view.

In conclusion, while this movie probably goes opposite every value I have ever held dear, I honestly did find the film entertaining. It took me awhile to get into the swing of the story, but by the time I did, I could easily recommend this movie to those who love edgy comedies and/or farces.  As usual, Sebastian gave a stellar performance (yes, I can call it that). In case you are not aware of this fact, comedy is always much trickier than drama. The very fact that he is able to both shows his amazing versatility yet again. I do believe a second or third viewing would be beneficial and stimulating (not to mention quite entertaining).

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  1. Cathy Jarolin January 14, 2015 Reply

    Thankyou for the very informative Review! I enjoyed reading it. The first part of the movie sounded really interesting to me.. But the foul language and the pot smoking kind of turned me off! Lol~ Loud foul language I just can’t tolerate! It makes me so darn nervous I can’t wait to get away! I don’t know why it effects me this way but it does. In my day There was no swearing . Their was more respect in my life.. Too bad things can’t go back to the way they were~ Have a great Day!!

    • Author
      Ruth January 14, 2015 Reply

      Cathy I fully understand and had one of the actors not been a personal friend of mine I would never have watched it. I always give content advisories in my reviews and I’m glad you stopped by. There are plenty of less objectionable movies that I have reviewed on my site.

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