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By Ruth on November 5, 2014 in movie, review

my mother's future husband 2Interestingly enough, this was one of the earlier film gems starring Sebastian Spence that I had the privilege of watching (earlier–yes, a month ago as opposed to a week ago).  I discovered this movie while obsessively searching for any and all Sebastian Spence films the television had to offer.  I had only recently discovered that this actor did much more than play my favorite cowboy in Cedar Cove.  And the fact that this film was a 2014 release made me even more ecstatic.

The moment it appeared on my DVR, I had no choice but to watch it.  And I was absolutely enthralled with the charming story, genuine and transcendent acting, and of course, my favorite actor.  I watched the entire film in one setting, and I almost could do nothing else but watch it–no multi-tasking while this film was on.  The moment I was done, I recommended it to my mother, and she agreed it was an adorable film.

Even though this was early on in my Sebastian Spence journey, I have never forgotten it. Whenever this film comes on, I have no choice but to watch it.  And it was on again last night. The moment I saw it come across my screen, I inquired of my daughter if she would like to see it. She is only eleven, but already, she’s becoming a fan of this magnificent man. So many of his films are too mature for her, but this was one I knew she would appreciate and enjoy. She dropped everything and agreed to watch this with me. And for an hour (until her video games captured her attention again), she was somewhat fascinated by this film.  It was an easy story to follow, and she was rooting for Sebastian’s character just as much as I was.

On another note, I have had several of my friends request this review, so I want to thank them for their support. Because of them, the review is happening much sooner than I anticipated.


My mother's future husbandHeadly (Matreya Fedor), a fifteen year old girl, feels her mother (Lea Thompson) has been in mourning long enough and is determined to find her a new husband by summer.

My review:

Let me begin by saying that the content of this story is charmingly predictable, appropriate for all ages, and positively engaging in every sense of the word.   In short, this is a movie that will gladden your heart and let you escape reality for the duration.  In spite of all this, the story is never sappy nor boring.  For those who may accuse me of saying this because of the leading man, I have to confess to being somewhat partial–all right completely biased! Even so, there is genuinely not a bad actor or actress in this film, and every scene is filled with joy, love, and an abundance of fervency.

my mother's future husband 4Lea Thompson may be more recently known from her stint on Dancing with the Stars and Left Behind. This was my first encounter with her, and she was flawless in her role as the single mother who had all but given up on love.  I knew nothing of Matreya Fedor who played her daughter, but again, I was absolutely entranced with her. This duo was so believable in their respective roles that I would have never questioned whether their relationship was true to life.

my motherSome may dismiss this movie as sentimental fluff, but if you, dear reader, are willing to examine the movie more closely, you will find some jewels that might go unnoticed by casual observation. My daughter found the “online dating” scam that Headly set up for her mother quite humorous. I think the technological aspects and delightful scheming of the daughter resonated with her (I found this highly amusing as well–I can sympathize with the mother’s feelings–hopefully my daughter didn’t get any ideas).

The secondary story which involves Headly and the love triangle to which she is oblivious is a darling diversion that will appeal to the younger set (but I even I found it entertaining). What high school girl has not dreamed of the perfect man sweeping her off her feet only to discover that the  man of her dreams was much closer to her than she dreamed (not my story but still relatable).   And as a nice bonus, there is even a faith feature to the story. This reviewer always applauds the inclusion of this essential element.

my mother's future husband 3As per usual always, Sebastian gave himself entirely to this role–heart and soul. His authenticity stood out from the other two prospective suitors (those actors gave their all to their roles as well), and the little actor who played his son (Jacob Tremblay) was entirely adorable!  How Sebastian can be so versatile and believable in whatever role he does is something that constantly baffles my mind.   I keep waiting for him to star in something where I can say something critical of his performance (no, not really).  Time and again, I am overwhelmed by his acting ability in every genre. I’ve been known to say he can’t take a bad picture.  I feel more confident now in saying that although some of the movies in which he stars may not be my preference, he just cannot act badly.  (If I’m ever wrong on this, dear reader, you’ll be the first to know.)

My Mother's future husband 1Even in a film that some may write off as silly and bland, Sebastian brings his full range of emotions to the table.  This was the first film I watched in which I witnessed the believability of his emotional acting. I suppose I noticed it in Stolen From the Womb but maybe I was expecting that due to the nature of that storyline.  When it comes to a simple story like this, I think that some actors don’t bring their “A game” with them. Not so with Sebastian.  The first time I watched this, I was so moved by one of  his teary-eyed scenes–when he cried, his entire face turned red.  I know this might seem absurd, but for me, this demonstrated just how legitimate his emotions were.  It is something that has stuck with me, and I have noticed similar things in others of his movies.

my mother's futureIn conclusion, if you are looking for a sweet story that is guaranteed to not promote tooth decay but will most certainly put a smile on your face, this is a must-see film (yes, all of his films are must-see, but everyone will like this one).

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  1. Jessica Jaynes November 7, 2014 Reply

    Sounds like a cute movie!

    • Author
      Ruth November 8, 2014 Reply

      It is absolutely darling! Highly recommend to all!

  2. Rita Spratlen November 7, 2014 Reply

    It must be good if you have to see it everytime it comes on. I will have to look into this. It sounds like a great one.

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