Sounds Your Car Makes When it Needs a Mechanic

By Ruth on August 7, 2014 in advice


Cars make a lot of different sounds. Some of these sounds are perfectly normal, but others indicate that there may be some serious problems. You will need to understand what different sounds mean so you know when to get your car fixed. Here are some sounds that indicate your car may have some issues that need to be addressed.

Symptoms Your Car May Need Work

Most people are used to hearing their car make odd sounds. Most of these sounds are perfectly harmless, so they start to ignore them over time. Unfortunately, they may be inadvertently ignoring serious warning signs. Here are a few things that you will need to pay close attention to.

Brakes Constantly Screeching

Your brakes may make unusual sounds when stopping at high speeds. This may mean that you need to brake sooner and softer, but doesn’t necessarily mean that they are worn down.

You should be more concerned if they are always making a screeching sound. This may be a sign that your brakes or brake pads may need to be replaced. It could also indicate that your rotors need to be resurfaced or some other work needs to be done.

Crunching Sound While Turning

You need to be wary if your car is making any unusual sounds while turning. This could be a sign that your alignment is warped of the steering linkage is having problems. You may need to have your car realigned or your linkages lubricated.

Thudding from Wheels

You should pay close attention if your wheels start to make a loud thudding sound. Some sounds are common at high speeds, but they can be a sign that something is wrong when they become louder. There are several problems that can cause this sound. Your wheel bearings may be smoked or your tire pressure may be low. The problem is most likely to come from the rear wheels, because they absorb more stress in most vehicles.

Hissing Under Hood

You should also be careful if you hear a hissing sound under your hood. This is often a sign that one of your fluid systems is leaking. The problem is most common when you first turn the vehicle off.

Rattling Under the Vehicle

You should also pay close attention to any rattling sounds that are coming from the undercarriage. These are often signs that your car is suffering from some exhaust problems. You may need to have a pipe or section of one of your pipes replaced or repaired.

Grinding While Shifting

Cars with manual transmissions tend to face different sets of problems than most other vehicles. You will need to listen to any sounds that they make while shifting. This could be a sign that your clutch is defective and needs to be replaced.

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