Some Tips on the Choice of Lipstick Tone

By Ruth on March 16, 2014 in cosmetics


The choice of perfect tone of lipstick is always problematic. A lot of factors should be considered, such as tone of skin and color of hair for example. As the professionals say, the perfect tone of lipstick should be two tones darker than the color of your lips.

To understand whether this color is yours, apply it only on one lip and if you see that it is just two tones darker then this tone is perfect for you.

This process seems to be very easy. But what if you are in store where there are no testers and as a result you don`t have the possibility to try the lipstick. In this case you can try to hold the lipstick close to your lips in order to see whether the color suits you or not. But the best way to see the real color of the lipstick is to look at it in a day light on the street. For that purpose you can stand close to the window.

It can be very useful to look for tips in the internet because sometimes it can give you some ideas that will make your choice easier.

But anyway it is strongly recommended to test the lipstick before the purchase.

If you have thin lips you should avoid the usage of dark colors. Dark tone of the lipstick will only underline the fact this fact. It is better to choose lip glosses of creamy tones, because they will make your lips look plump.

If you always wanted to wear red lipstick but didn`t do it, you should know some tricks. Red lipstick is like a tradition. It is wrong that many women think that it doesn`t suit them. The most important thing is to choose the right shade of red. Women with fair skin should use cherry shade of red and women with dark color of skin should choose deep red color.

If you have some doubts, try to apply lip balm first and only then to apply red lipstick with your finger. It will look like a lip gloss and the color will be very pleasant.

Sometimes it happens that the lipstick you have bought doesn`t suit you or you don`t like it. Don`t throw it away. By mixing it with other lipsticks you can receive a really stylish tone. To be sure of right choice when you are buying lipstick, don’t lazy to check out the reviews about chosen product, I usually do it at because this is an educational, non-commercial site and most of reviews are truthful.

If you are applying deep colors, you should better use a lip brush in order to apply it smoother. But try not to color the edges of your lips.

If you want to make your lips look more natural, you can try to use lip liner after you have applied the lipstick or a lip gloss.

If you want your lipstick to stay on your lips longer, you can try to apply lip liner on your lips as a base. And only after that you can apply your lipstick. So the color will remain anyway.

And now we shall find out some more tricks. For example, women with fair skin should choose nude, pink and apricot shades. But they should avoid brown and dark brown colors.

Women with dark skin should choose darker shades, but they should avoid bright red tones and choose vinous instead.

You should remember that lipstick must underline your beauty and make you look stylish and sexy, so be careful while choosing the perfect tone for you.

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