Reasons to Teach Your Children Martial Arts

By Ruth on January 28, 2014 in children, education

karateThere are a lot of misconceptions about martial arts, which makes many parents hesitant to enroll their children in a class. You should learn more about martial arts, because they have a number of benefits that you will want to consider.

Benefits of Studying Martial Arts

Parents should realize that there are actually a number of great reasons for their children to learn martial arts. Here are some things that you will want to consider.

Avoid Fighting

The biggest reason that parents don’t want their children learning martial arts is that they are afraid they will become more violent. They have seen the way Hollywood depicts martial arts and don’t want their children to act that way. In actuality, the philosophy of most martial arts is to avoid fighting.

Martial arts teach people to avoid confrontations whenever possible. Some martial arts also teach people how to overcome their opponents with soft techniques that don’t hurt their opponent. Aikido and Jiu Jitsu are two primary examples. You will want to know what to expect in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class to ensure it is a good fit for your child before enrolling them.

sidekickTeaches Discipline

Martial arts also help children foster discipline. Discipline is something that is sorely lacking among many children today.

Children often believe that they deserve what they want right away. They often want to get a black belt as soon as they start classes. They quickly learn that they need to train for at least a couple of years before they can test for it.

Martial arts instructors also require students to stand still and avoid talking during class. They are expected to abide by strict rules and forced to do push ups or face other consequences if they don’t follow them. Taking your children to a martial arts class can be a great way to teach your children some basic self-discipline.

Creates a Sense of Community

Children will train with a number of other students when they are learning martial arts. Students will spar against each other in most classes. Sparring drills help students bond and improve each other’s skills.

They often have to do drills with partners, such as holding pads for each other while kicking or holding each other’s feet while they do sit-ups. They feel committed to each and improving their training.

Provides Great Exercise

Martial arts are also a great way for students to work out. However, some schools are better for this than others. You will want to find a school that holds rigorous classes and helps students break a sweat. This will help them stay fit and healthy.

kickboxerConsider Enrolling Your Child

Your child may benefit from enrolling in a martial arts class. There are a number of great schools that accept children as young as five years old. Talk to the instructors and find out if it is a great fit.

You will want to make sure that your child enjoys the class and benefits from the lessons. If they do not benefit from the classes then you may want to look for another that will be a better fit.

About the author: Kalen has a black belt in Taekwondo and has been studying various martial arts since he was eight years old. He has recently started learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Aikido at a local MMA gym.

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  1. Jason November 27, 2014 Reply

    I agree with you 100%, Ruth. What is portrayed in the media is very different from what is taught in dojos. From a young age, children are taught respect discipline, humility, focus and a host of other skills that impact all facets of their lives.

    Now there are so many different disciplines and program types to satisfy all interests and financial situations.

  2. Jason Maine April 20, 2017 Reply

    Nice article! There so many benefits of martial arts both in terms of mentality and health than I can recommend to every parent to send their kids for training. You can start with 4 years old and the best choice for the beginning is judo.

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