My Friend Huggles, the Ideal Christmas Present

By Ruth on December 3, 2013 in Christmas, Holidays, toys


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Are you looking for a fun gift for your children or grandchildren?  I invite you to check out My Friend Hugles.  Meeting a Huggle is an experience your children will enjoy from the first time they see this Plush Toy in the store.   So be sure that you are prepared to have your little ones begging for this toy if you decide to introduce them to My Friend Huggles.  With their heartwarming smiles, inviting eyes and intriguing size My Friend Huggles dolls and can be easily spotted from a mile away.

This group of supersized dolls offers parents a creative solution for teaching values through meaningful play. Each of the 9 characters reflects the elegant beauty of a classic plush rag doll which has been stealing the hearts of children all around the world.


“We get so distracted by technology, we forget that sometimes we have to take a step backward in order for us to move forward,  such is the case with My Friend Huggles.

HugglesMy Friend Huggles dolls are beautifully simple, and promote positive values ; kindness, courage and generosity to name a few.  Don’t worry–technology is not forgotten (there is an interactive website).  But these dolls focus on fostering a genuine connection with your child.

The Huggles motto is “Love. Learn. Share.” I can’t think of a better summary of the joys of childhood, and these values continue to be the guiding principle throughout product development. And now with the anticipated animated web series , the My Friend Huggles brand has truly found an integrated synergy of fun and education.

Huggles 2The Huggles brand continues to grow with a trendy line of doll clothing, blankets and accessories coming this holiday season.  Be sure to check out everything related to these wondrous toys.  I am sure your children will be happy with everything in the line.

This past year, My Friend Huggles has embodied this positive message through their Campaign of Hope which has donated 1000 dolls to children’s hospitals across Canada. They believe that the comfort and emotional support generously provided by the Huggles dolls should be shared with those who need it most, and their charitable efforts have demonstrated this in a beautiful way.


Whether it is a gift from Grandma, Dad or a friend, the My Friend Huggles dolls will become a toy kept in the family forever–a symbol of positive moments of childhood reflection. Once in the arms of a parent and then their child, Huggles will leave its mark.  Imagine a trendy toy with truly redeeming values!

Like what you see?  Be sure to check their site as well as their social media channels for all the best and latest news and deals.


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