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Snowed OverRelease: October 2012

New Adult Contemporary Romance Novella

To college student, Katie Brandt, ‘Home for the Holidays’ sounds like hell. When her parents separated, their holiday traditions shattered like a dropped ornament. What could be worse than celebrating Christmas with her suddenly single mom and mom’s new boyfriend?

Alex Walker, an engaged 20-year-old, dreads going home for his own reasons. He has a daunting task ahead of him and wishes he could skip the holidays altogether. So when a friend of a friend needs a ride north, Alex finds that having beautiful Katie seated by his side proves to be just the distraction he needs.

A simple ride home for Christmas turns into a nightmare when light snow rages into a full-scale blizzard. Katie and Alex find themselves stranded, and a vacant cabin becomes a haven from the storm.
Under different circumstances, time alone with Alex would be the ultimate Christmas gift, but Katie knows Alex is engaged and she must hide her growing attraction.

However, Alex harbors a secret that just might change this holiday from the worst Christmas ever, to the best.

Excerpt #2

Snowed Over ~ Two college kids, a snowstorm, and an empty cabin.

Katie yawned and covered her mouth. The long day had finally caught up with her. “Sorry. The fire must be making me tired.”

“That or the fact you had a near death experience, fell into a river, and walked two miles in a blizzard,” Alex teased and then smiled in the sweetest of ways that showed off his dimples.

“What time is it anyway, do you know?”

Alex checked his watch. “Quarter after twelve. It’s officially December twenty-fourth, Christmas Eve.”

“It is late. No wonder I’m so tired.” She looked around the room, wondering how they were going to handle the sleeping arrangements. They sure couldn’t use the bedroom with the gaping window. Alex must have read her thoughts or at least noticed the uncertainty on her face.

“Let’s move the coffee table out of the way. You can sleep on the couch and I’ll take the floor.”

Katie knew she should offer him the couch, but she ached all over and sleeping on the cold floor sounded horrible. “Are you sure? I feel terrible making you sleep on the floor.” But the couch wouldn’t hold two people unless they were twisted together like red licorice.

“It’s fine. Unless—” He eyed the brown sofa with the leaf patterned upholstery. He lifted up the center cushion. “—it’s a hide-a-bed!” He removed the other cushions to reveal a handle and mattress hidden within. He turned to Katie with a naughty smile and asked. “Want to sleep with me?”

For a second, Katie thought he meant something more, but then saw the devilish twinkle in his eye and realized he was teasing again. She couldn’t imagine sleeping right next to Alex with his dark, sexy eyes and gorgeous face. But she couldn’t exactly ask him to sleep on the floor when there was a comfortable bed available. This was stupid. Why was she hesitating?

“I thought you’d never ask,” she answered.

Alex grinned. “See, Christmas wishes do come true.”

She smiled and shook her head. He was way too happy about the sleeping arrangements.



About the Author

Angie Stanton never planned on writing books, she wanted to be a Rockette. However, growing up in a rural setting with her brothers’ 4-H pigs as pets, dance didn’t work out. Instead she became an avid daydreamer. After years of perfecting stories in her head she began to write them down and the rest is history.

She loves dipping french fries in chocolate shakes, natural disaster movies and Broadway Musicals. When not writing, Angie is concocting ways to make more dreams come true, whether it be tickets to a Broadway show or convincing her family they should rent an RV and travel the country. She’s still working on that one.

Angie is a proud double finalist of the 2011 National Readers Choice Awards for Love ‘em or Leave ‘em, as well as a finalist for the Golden Quill Awards.

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