“Powerful Prayer to Protect & Bless Your Family” by Lynda Brown Book Review

By Ruth on October 4, 2013 in book, Christian book, review

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Powerful Prayer CoverPowerful Prayer to Protect & Bless Your Family by Lynda D. Brown

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From the outset, I was quite happy to read this book. It is short, practical, to the point, and it concerns one of the most important tools that Christians have at their disposal–prayer. Prayer is something that Christians don’t tend to practice as they should, and Lynda Brown is one who has some fantastic advice for praying “effectual prayers that avail much.”

For the most part, Lynda Brown is on target Scripturally. After all, she quotes the Bible in her prayers, and I agree that is one way to be certain that you are praying according to God’s will. She gives a sample prayer for the reader to examine and implement within his/her life. In this day and age of genuine spiritual warfare, prayer is an absolute must for the safety and well-being of all Christians.

There is one caution I have concerning this book. All to often, when God works in our lives in a certain way, we get so excited and tell everyone else about it. We recommend that other believers follow this same format to get the same results. In some ways, this is placing God in a box and/or expecting that since He worked like that for you, He will work just like that for someone else. All throughout Scripture, God worked in divers ways and means depending on the situation, culture, and the person. While I believe that praying according to God’s will is essential, God sometimes does not answer in the way we want Him to. While praying for our loved one’s safety is vital, there are times that God will allow our loved ones to become hurt, sick, and even die. Does that mean we don’t have enough faith? No, it means that we are not seeing the whole picture, but God is. I am one who does not like formulas in books in regards to anything in the Christian life because I have followed too many of them in my life. I honestly don’t believe the author means to come across in the way I read her, and it’s not a major thing. Possibly if she had written more, I would have seen her heart and vision a little better than I do now.

I definitely recommend this book to Christians who need some advice and encouragement in the area of prayer. She has certainly given me plenty of food for thought, and I have been reminded of the great importance of my prayer life.

I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

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