This Day in History June 23, 1938

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I know this is pretty sad that I have never heard of this place.  After all, I lived in Florida for around six years, or so.  Then again, St. Augustine was a place I never visited–always planned to, but never did.  I lived in the Orland/Tampa Bay area.  On this date in 1938, Marine Studios (the first oceanarium) opened to the public.  It was originally supposed to be an underwater movie studio for Hollywood to get better views underwater.  Amongst others, it was sponsored by Cornelius Vanderbilt Whitney (descendant of the steel giant) and Ilya Tolstoy (descendant of the great Russian author).  Thirty thousand guests showed up that first day, and as time went on, this became a place to interact with dolphins.  The park has had its ups and downs, but it now proudly celebrates 75 years in business.

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