Giant Microbes: Red Ant Review

By Ruth on June 2, 2013 in product review, review

red ant

I was so pleased to get to work with Giant Microbes on a wonderful review.  They sent me a Giant Microbe of my choice in exchange for the honest review I will be posting here.

I have honestly heard about Giant Microbes for years as I have followed several blogger’s reviews of this particular product.  And since I have a daughter who is somewhat of a tomboy and very scientifically inclined, this product interested me greatly.  And who doesn’t love stuffed animals, right?

At this point, you might be wondering what on earth Giant Microbes are, and I am quite happy to explain it to you.  In 2002, this company began its mission of providing unique and interesting gifts that would appeal to children and adults.  And that is exactly what they have done.  Giant Microbes are rather bizarre when you think about them.  After all, these little stuffed animals show real life bacteria, viruses, and bugs in a magnified state that are perfect for cuddling or educational purposes.  I will admit–there are some that don’t interest me.  But I can see the benefits of those in the medical field using these “toys” to teach children and some adults about the diseases that are possibly invading their systems.  I could see the value of using these in the school or home schools setting as well.

Martha and red ant

I let my daughter pick out the microbe she wanted, and she chose the Red Ant (Solenopsis invicta).  She kind of remembers that we had these kinds of ants when we lived in Texas (we called them fire ants), and I think she event got bitten once or twice.  I remember the time I did, but thankfully it didn’t happen too often.  And neither of us are overly allergic to their bites.  But of course, all she wanted was another insect to cuddle (yeah, my daughter is a little unusual).  She loves insects (in fact, she rescues pill bugs and beetles).  I loved the little information tag that comes with the “microbe,” and she has it proudly displayed in her room.

I think that the uses for Giant Microbes are positively endless.  In fact, I think I would want one (not sure which one–maybe flu or something like that).  I could spend my time beating it up when I get sick!  (Okay, maybe I’m a little weird–I guess my daughter takes after me).  But regardless of why you would want this item, be sure that check them out today.

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I received this product throughOutburst Media in exchange for my honest review.



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