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By Ruth on August 19, 2012 in computer, review, software

My computers are absolutely integral to my life as I now know it.  In this household, we have a total of four computers–three that are used regularly.  As we all know, computers are a large investment, and once you buy a computer, it is already obsolete.  Technology is changing so fast nowadays.  We do all we can to see that our computers run well, but it is true that our computers don’t run as well as they used to when they were brand new.  It is very tempting to ditch the old computer and get a new one.  It would be tempting to do that every couple of years!

I want to tell you about a tremendous product out there right now that can optimize your computer (s).  Tune-Up Utilities 2012 is the perfect solution for refreshing the technology on old computers.  The company headquarters is in Miami, Florida (a subsidiary of a German company), and since 1997, it has been producing high-quality software for computer optimization.  Their software is available online, in stores, and in several different languages.  All of their solutions are developed in house, and they are always incorporating customer feedback into their products.

I had the great chance to review this software, and I am very pleased with it.  It will work on up to three computers, and that works perfectly for me.  I have downloaded it right now to two of my computers, and I am fairly impressed.  Our two desktops currently feature it, and I have yet to download it to my laptop.  The program could not be easier to use.  If you follow the recommendations and then want to undo the changes, it is very simply to hit rescue center on the program and undo your changes.  My mom’s computer had hardly any problems, but my desktop is full of errors and problems!  It is still working very hard on my computer.

If you have an older computer that still works fine but runs slowly, freezes, or has a lot of error messages, this software could be the answer to your problem.  I recommend downloading this software to your old computer before you invest in a new computer.   I cannot guarantee that it will fix all of your problems, but it certainly cannot hurt! And right now, you can try it 15 days for free!

While you are checking out their site, be sure to check them out on social networking:

Twitter:                @TuneUp4Windows
Facebook:           TuneUp Fan Page
YouTube:             TuneUp4Windows Channel
Google+:             TuneUp Utilities Page
Podcasts:            TuneUp Podcasts about Windows

I was sent a free product from the company in exchange for my honest review.  I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.


  1. JuneA** August 20, 2012 Reply

    Sounds like I need to use this!

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