This Day in History February 22, 1975

By Ruth on February 21, 2012 in history

Yes, indeed.  I have liked Drew Barrymore (without knowing her name) since I first saw her in E.T.  (Oh, that dates me!) And it was on this date in 1975 (about six months after my birth) that she was born.

I was not aware of her turbulent adolescence.  I didn’t really follow her career, but she did overcome drugs.  I know that there are things about here personal life and career with which I do not agree.  I was glad to learn that she is related to the famous Barrymore family.  What a family of actors and actresses!

I have always loved watching her act.  I find her a fantastic actress, and she always seems so classy.  My favorite films of hers are Wedding Singer and Ever After.  I have seen her in one or two others–Fever Pitch was kind of cheesy.  But her comedic timing and classiness always tend to win me over.

If you would like to explore her career and life in detail, check out these sites:


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